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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::RegisterDictionary::SortBySize Class Reference


Compares number of bits in register descriptors.

This comparator is used to sort register descriptors in either ascending or descending order depending on the number of significant bits in the register. The default constructor uses a descending sort order.

For instance, to get a list of all descriptors sorted by descending number of significant bits, one could do:

RegisterDescriptors regs = dictionary.get_descriptors();
std::sort(regs.begin(), regs.end(), SortBySize());

Definition at line 378 of file RegisterDictionary.h.

#include <Rose/BinaryAnalysis/RegisterDictionary.h>

Public Types

enum  Direction {

Public Member Functions

 SortBySize (Direction d=DESCENDING)
bool operator() (RegisterDescriptor a, RegisterDescriptor b) const

Protected Attributes

Direction direction

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