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Rose::Registry< T, U > Class Template Reference


template<typename T, typename U = RegistryTraits<T>>
class Rose::Registry< T, U >

A global registry used in conjunction with static constructors to make pluggable components (like targets or garbage collectors) "just work" when linked with an executable.

Definition at line 165 of file plugin.h.

#include <midend/astProcessing/plugin.h>


class  Add
 A static registration template. More...
class  iterator
 Iterators for registry entries. More...
class  listener
 Abstract base class for registry listeners, which are informed when new entries are added to the registry. More...
class  node
 Node in linked list of entries. More...

Public Types

typedef U traits
typedef U::entry entry

Static Public Member Functions

static iterator begin ()
static iterator end ()
static iterator_range< iteratorentries ()

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