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Rose::Registry< T, U >::listener Class Referenceabstract


template<typename T, typename U = RegistryTraits<T>>
class Rose::Registry< T, U >::listener

Abstract base class for registry listeners, which are informed when new entries are added to the registry.

Simply subclass and instantiate:

class CollectorPrinter : public Registry<Collector>::listener {
void registered(const Registry<Collector>::entry &e) {
cerr << "collector now available: " << e->getName() << "\n";
CollectorPrinter() { init(); } // Print those already registered.
CollectorPrinter Printer;

Definition at line 248 of file plugin.h.

#include <midend/astProcessing/plugin.h>

Protected Member Functions

virtual void registered (const entry &)=0
 Called when an entry is added to the registry.
void init ()
 Calls 'registered' for each pre-existing entry.


void Registry::Announce (const entry &E)

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