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StaticCFG::CFGNodeAttribute Class Reference


This class stores index of each node as an attribuite of SgGraphNode.

Definition at line 140 of file staticCFG.h.

#include <virtualCFG/staticCFG.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CFGNodeAttribute (int idx=0, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph=NULL)
int getIndex () const
void setIndex (int idx)
const SgIncidenceDirectedGraphgetGraph () const
SgIncidenceDirectedGraphgetGraph ()
void setGraph (SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AstAttribute
virtual OwnershipPolicy getOwnershipPolicy () const
 Who owns this attribute. More...
virtual AstAttributeconstructor () const
 Virtual default constructor. More...
virtual AstAttributecopy () const
 Virtual copy constructor. More...
virtual AstAttributecopy ()
virtual std::string attribute_class_name () const
 Attribute class name. More...
virtual std::string toString ()
 Convert an attribute to a string. More...
virtual bool commentOutNodeInGraph ()
 Eliminate IR nodes in DOT graphs. More...
virtual int packed_size ()
 Packing support.
virtual char * packed_data ()
 Packing support.
virtual void unpacked_data (int size, char *data)
 Packing support.
virtual std::string additionalNodeOptions ()
 DOT support.
virtual std::vector< AttributeEdgeInfoadditionalEdgeInfo ()
 DOT support.
virtual std::vector< AttributeNodeInfoadditionalNodeInfo ()
 DOT support.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AstAttribute
enum  OwnershipPolicy {
 Who owns this attribute. More...

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