rose_rva_t Class Reference


A relative virtual address optionally associated with a SgAsmSection.

A relative virtual addresses (RVA) is an offset from the base virtual address (base_va) stored in a file header (SgAsmGenericHeader). RVAs can either be stored as a simple numeric offset or they can be tied to the mapped address of some file section (SgAsmGenericSection). The rose_addr_t (a typedef for uint64_t) can be used in the former case, and the rose_rva_t class can be used in the latter.

Each rose_rva_t instance has an RVA represented by a rose_rva_t which can be adjusted via get_rva() and set_rva(). The rose_rva_t instance can optionally be bound to a generic section so that if the mapping address of the section changes, the value returned by get_rva() will be similarly adjusted. The RVA is usually a positive offset from the bound section, but is not required to be so.

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