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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Partitioner2::ModulesM68k Namespace Reference


Disassembly and partitioning utility functions for M68k.


class  MatchFunctionPadding
 Matches M68k function padding. More...
class  MatchLink
 Matches an M68k function prologue with LINK instruction. More...
class  SwitchSuccessors
 Adjusts basic block successors for M68k "switch" statements. More...


std::vector< FunctionPtrfindInterruptFunctions (const PartitionerConstPtr &, rose_addr_t vectorVa)
 Find functions for an interrupt vector. More...

Function Documentation

std::vector<FunctionPtr> Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Partitioner2::ModulesM68k::findInterruptFunctions ( const PartitionerConstPtr ,
rose_addr_t  vectorVa 

Find functions for an interrupt vector.

M68k interrupt vectors have 256 4-byte addresses, for a total of 1024 bytes. This function, when given an interrupt vector base address, will read the memory and create up to 256 new functions.