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Rose::Traits::generated::describe_node_t< SgAsmDwarfStructureType > Struct Template Reference


struct Rose::Traits::generated::describe_node_t< SgAsmDwarfStructureType >

Definition at line 3258 of file generated.h.

Public Types

using node = SgAsmDwarfStructureType
using base = SgAsmDwarfConstruct
using subclasses_t = mp::List<>
using fields_t = mp::List< describe_field_t< SgAsmDwarfStructureType, SgAsmDwarfConstructList *,&SgAsmDwarfStructureType::p_body >>

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr char const *const name {"AsmDwarfStructureType"}
static constexpr unsigned long variant {127}
static constexpr bool concrete {true}

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