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SageInterface::Ada::AggregateInfo Struct Reference


Details of expression aggregates.

Definition at line 615 of file sageInterfaceAda.h.

#include <sageInterface/sageInterfaceAda.h>

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Public Types

using base = std::tuple< SgAdaAncestorInitializer *, SgExpressionPtrList::const_iterator, SgExpressionPtrList::const_iterator >

Public Member Functions

SgAdaAncestorInitializerancestor () const
 returns the ancestor initializer iff it exists, otherwise null
SgExpressionPtrList::const_iterator begin () const
 returns the remaining range-begin without the ancestor initializer (if it existed)
SgExpressionPtrList::const_iterator end () const
 returns the underlying's list end iterator
bool nullRecord () const
 returns if the remaining range (w/o the ancestor initializer) indicates a null record.

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