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AstDOTGeneration Class Reference


Definition at line 12 of file AstDOTGeneration.h.

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Public Member Functions

void generate (SgProject *node, traversalType tt=TOPDOWNBOTTOMUP, std::string filenamePostfix="")
void generate (SgNode *node, std::string filename, traversalType tt=TOPDOWNBOTTOMUP, std::string filenamePostfix="")
void generate (SgProject *project, std::string const &filename)
void generateInputFiles (SgProject *node, traversalType tt=TOPDOWNBOTTOMUP, std::string filenamePostfix="", bool excludeTemplateInstantiations=false)
void generateWithinFile (SgFile *node, traversalType tt=TOPDOWNBOTTOMUP, std::string filenamePostfix="")
void writeIncidenceGraphToDOTFile (SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph, const std::string &filename)
void addAdditionalNodesAndEdges (SgNode *node)

Protected Member Functions

virtual DOTInheritedAttribute evaluateInheritedAttribute (SgNode *node, DOTInheritedAttribute ia)
virtual DOTSynthesizedAttribute evaluateSynthesizedAttribute (SgNode *node, DOTInheritedAttribute ia, SubTreeSynthesizedAttributes l)
std::string additionalNodeInfo (SgNode *node)
std::string additionalNodeOptions (SgNode *node)
std::string additionalEdgeInfo (SgNode *from, SgNode *to, std::string label)
std::string additionalEdgeOptions (SgNode *from, SgNode *to, std::string label)
bool commentOutNodeInGraph (SgNode *node)

Protected Attributes

bool skip_write_during_traversal {false}

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