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ContextInsensitiveInterProceduralDataflow Class Reference


Definition at line 466 of file dataflow.h.

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Public Member Functions

 ContextInsensitiveInterProceduralDataflow (IntraProceduralDataflow *intraDataflowAnalysis, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
bool transfer (const Function &func, const DataflowNode &n, NodeState &state, const std::vector< Lattice * > &dfInfo, std::vector< Lattice * > **retState, bool fw)
void runAnalysis ()
void visit (const CGFunction *func)
- Public Member Functions inherited from InterProceduralDataflow
 InterProceduralDataflow (IntraProceduralDataflow *intraDataflowAnalysis)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Analysis
 Analysis (bool(*f)(CFGNode)=defaultFilter)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TraverseCallGraphDataflow
 TraverseCallGraphDataflow (SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
void traverse ()
void addToRemaining (const CGFunction *func)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TraverseCallGraph
 TraverseCallGraph (SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
const CGFunctiongetFunc (SgFunctionDeclaration *decl)
const CGFunctiongetFunc (const Function &func)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Analysis
bool(* filter )(CFGNode cfgn)
- Public Attributes inherited from TraverseCallGraphDataflow
std::list< const CGFunction * > remaining
- Protected Member Functions inherited from InterProceduralAnalysis
 InterProceduralAnalysis (IntraProceduralAnalysis *intraAnalysis)
- Protected Attributes inherited from InterProceduralAnalysis
- Protected Attributes inherited from TraverseCallGraph
std::set< CGFunctionfunctions
std::map< const CGFunction *, int > numCallers
std::set< const CGFunction * > noPred

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