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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Concolic::ConcreteExecutor::Result Class Reference


Base class for user-defined concrete execution results.

Regardless of what data a subclass might add, all concrete execution results have a floating-point "rank" used to sort them when creating the list of test cases that should next run in the concolic (combined concrete and symbolic) executor. The convention is that those with lower ranks will run before those with higher ranks, although subclasses of ExecutionManager can override this. The rank should be a real number (not NaN).

The subclasses must provide boost::serialization support which is used to store the user-defined results in the database and to reconstitute results objects from the database. Since this is a relatively expensive operation, the rank is also stored separately within the database.

Definition at line 352 of file BinaryConcolic.h.

#include <BinaryConcolic.h>

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 Result (double rank)
double rank () const

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