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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DwarfLineMapper::RangeMapLocationInfo Class Reference


Value stored by the addr2src RangeMap.

A RangeMap is used to represent the mapping from addresses to source position because it is able to efficiently represent cases when one source position corresponds to a large number of contiguous addresses.

Definition at line 41 of file DwarfLineMapper.h.

#include <DwarfLineMapper.h>

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Public Types

typedef RangeMapValue< Extent, SrcInfoSuper
- Public Types inherited from RangeMapValue< Extent, SrcInfo >
typedef Extent Range
typedef SrcInfo Value

Public Member Functions

 RangeMapLocationInfo (const SrcInfo &value)
RangeMapLocationInfo split (const Extent &my_range, rose_addr_t new_end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RangeMapValue< Extent, SrcInfo >
 RangeMapValue ()
 Constructor creates object whose underlying value is default constructed. More...
 RangeMapValue (const Value &v)
 Constructor creates object with specified value. More...
virtual void removing (const Range &my_range)
 Called when this value is being removed from a RangeMap. More...
virtual void truncate (const Range &my_range, const typename Range::Value &new_end)
 Called when removing part of a value from a RangeMap. More...
bool merge (const Range &my_range, const Range &other_range, const RangeMapValue &other_value)
 Called to merge two RangeMap values. More...
virtual void set (const Value &v)
 Accessor for the value actually stored here.
virtual Value get () const
 Accessor for the value actually stored here.
virtual void print (std::ostream &o) const
 Print a RangeMap value.

Additional Inherited Members

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Value value

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