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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Unparser::State Class Reference


State for unparsing.

This object stores the current state for unparsing. The state is kept separate from the unparser class so that (1) the unparser can be a const reference, and (2) multiple threads can be unparsing with the same unparser object.

Definition at line 20 of file BinaryUnparserBase.h.

#include <BinaryUnparserBase.h>

Public Types

typedef Sawyer::Container::Map< rose_addr_t, std::string > AddrString
 Map from address to string. More...

Public Member Functions

 State (const Partitioner2::Partitioner &, const Settings &, const Base &frontUnparser)
const Partitioner2::Partitionerpartitioner () const
const Partitioner2::FunctionCallGraphcg () const
Partitioner2::FunctionPtr currentFunction () const
void currentFunction (const Partitioner2::FunctionPtr &)
Partitioner2::BasicBlockPtr currentBasicBlock () const
void currentBasicBlock (const Partitioner2::BasicBlockPtr &)
const std::string & nextInsnLabel () const
void nextInsnLabel (const std::string &)
const RegisterNamesregisterNames () const
void registerNames (const RegisterNames &r)
const AddrStringbasicBlockLabels () const
AddrStringbasicBlockLabels ()
const BasefrontUnparser () const

Member Typedef Documentation

Map from address to string.

Definition at line 22 of file BinaryUnparserBase.h.

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