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Rose::EditDistance::LinearEditDistance::Node Class Reference


Type for comparing two AST nodes.

This type defines the API used by Analysis and also serves as the default parameter for that class template. It must be able to construct an edit distance list node from an AST node and test two list nodes for equality.

Definition at line 44 of file LinearEditDistance.h.

#include <midend/programAnalysis/EditDistance/LinearEditDistance.h>

Public Member Functions

 Node (SgNode *node)
 Construct a list node from an AST node. More...
bool operator== (const Node &other) const
 Test two list nodes for equality. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Rose::EditDistance::LinearEditDistance::Node::Node ( SgNode node)

Construct a list node from an AST node.

Definition at line 48 of file LinearEditDistance.h.

References SgNode::variantT().

Member Function Documentation

bool Rose::EditDistance::LinearEditDistance::Node::operator== ( const Node other) const

Test two list nodes for equality.

This implementation returns true (equal) when both AST nodes are the same type. If the nodes are subclasses of SgAsmInstruction then they must also be the same kind of instruction (e.g., if they are both SgAsmX86Instruction then they must also both be x86_pop instructions).

Definition at line 63 of file LinearEditDistance.h.

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