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SgAsmElfStrtab Class Reference


ELF string table.

Definition at line 8608 of file binaryInstruction.C.

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Public Member Functions

 SgAsmElfStrtab (class SgAsmElfSection *containing_section)
 Non-parsing constructor. More...
virtual ~SgAsmElfStrtab ()
 Free StringStorage objects associated with this string table. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SgAsmElfStrtab::SgAsmElfStrtab ( class SgAsmElfSection containing_section)

Non-parsing constructor.

The table is created to be at least one byte long and having a NUL character as the first byte.

Definition at line 8628 of file binaryInstruction.C.

virtual SgAsmElfStrtab::~SgAsmElfStrtab ( )

Free StringStorage objects associated with this string table.

It may not be safe to blow them away yet since other objects may still have SgAsmStoredStrings pointing to these storage objects. So instead, we will mark all this strtab's storage objects as no longer being associated with a string table. This allows the SgAsmStoredString objects to still function properly and their destructors will free their storage.

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