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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DisassemblerM68k::State Struct Reference


Definition at line 23 of file DisassemblerM68k.h.

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Public Attributes

MemoryMap::Ptr map
 Map from which to read instruction words. More...
rose_addr_t insn_va
 Address of instruction. More...
uint16_t iwords [11]
 Instruction words. More...
size_t niwords
 Number of instruction words read. More...
size_t niwords_used
 High water number of instruction words used by instructionWord(). More...

Member Data Documentation

MemoryMap::Ptr Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DisassemblerM68k::State::map

Map from which to read instruction words.

Definition at line 24 of file DisassemblerM68k.h.

rose_addr_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DisassemblerM68k::State::insn_va

Address of instruction.

Definition at line 25 of file DisassemblerM68k.h.

uint16_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DisassemblerM68k::State::iwords[11]

Instruction words.

Definition at line 26 of file DisassemblerM68k.h.

size_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DisassemblerM68k::State::niwords

Number of instruction words read.

Definition at line 27 of file DisassemblerM68k.h.

size_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::DisassemblerM68k::State::niwords_used

High water number of instruction words used by instructionWord().

Definition at line 28 of file DisassemblerM68k.h.

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