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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Unparser::PowerpcSettings Struct Reference


Definition at line 10 of file BinaryUnparserPowerpc.h.

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- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Unparser::Settings
static Settings full ()
static Settings minimal ()
- Public Attributes inherited from Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Unparser::Settings
struct {
   bool   showingReasons
 Show reasons for function existing. More...
   bool   showingDemangled
 Show demangled name in preference to mangled name. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show function call graph?
   }   cg
 Settings for function call graphs. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show stack delta?
      bool   concrete
 Show concrete or symbolic deltas. More...
   }   stackDelta
 Settings for function stack deltas. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show calling convention?
   }   callconv
 Settings for function calling convention. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show no-op analysis results?
   }   noop
 Settings for no-op analysis. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show results of may-return analysis?
   }   mayReturn
 Settings for may-return analysis. More...
 Settings for functions. More...
struct {
   struct {
      bool   showingPredecessors
 Show basic block predecessors?
      bool   showingSuccessors
 Show basic block successors?
      bool   showingSharing
 Show functions when block is shared?
      bool   showingArrows
 Draw arrows from one block to another. More...
   }   cfg
 Settings for control flow graphs. More...
   struct {
      bool   showingReachability
 Show code reachability in the basic block prologue area. More...
   }   reach
 Reachability analysis results. More...
 Settings for basic blocks. More...
struct {
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show instruction addresses?
      size_t   fieldWidth
 Min characters to use per insn address. More...
   }   address
 Settings for instruction starting addresses. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show instruction bytes?
      size_t   perLine
 Max number of bytes to show per line of output. More...
      size_t   fieldWidth
 Min characters to use for the bytes field. More...
   }   bytes
 Settings for the bytes that make up an instruction. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show stack deltas?
      size_t   fieldWidth
 Min characters to use for the stack delta field. More...
   }   stackDelta
 Settings for stack deltas. More...
   struct {
      size_t   fieldWidth
 Min characters to use for the instruction mnemonic. More...
      std::string   semanticFailureMarker
 Mark instruction if it had semantic failures. More...
   }   mnemonic
 Settings for instruction mnemonics. More...
   struct {
      std::string   separator
 How to separate one operand from another. More...
      size_t   fieldWidth
 Min characters to use for the operand list. More...
      bool   showingWidth
 Show width of all expression terms in square brackets. More...
   }   operands
 Settings for the operand list. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show instruction comments?
      bool   usingDescription
 Lacking comment, use instruction description as comment?
      std::string   pre
 String to introduce a comment. More...
      std::string   post
 String to terminate a comment. More...
      size_t   fieldWidth
 Min characters to use for the comment field. More...
   }   comment
 Settings for instruction comments. More...
   struct {
      bool   showing
 Show instruction semantics?
      InstructionSemantics2::BaseSemantics::Formatter   formatter
 How to format the semantic state output. More...
      bool   tracing
 Show instruction semantics traces when showing semantics. More...
   }   semantics
 Settings for instructions. More...
struct {
   EdgeArrows::ArrowStylePreset   style
 One of the arrow style presets. More...
 How to render arrows along the left margin. More...

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