4 #include "sage3basic.hhh"
5 #include <stdint.h>
6 #include <utility>
8 #include "rosePublicConfig.h" // for ROSE_BUILD_JAVA_LANGUAGE_SUPPORT
9 #include "OmpAttribute.h"
12 #if 0 // FMZ(07/07/2010): the argument "nextErrorCode" should be call-by-reference
13 SgFile* determineFileType ( std::vector<std::string> argv, int nextErrorCode, SgProject* project );
14 #else
15 SgFile* determineFileType ( std::vector<std::string> argv, int& nextErrorCode, SgProject* project );
16 #endif
19 #include "rewrite.h"
20 #endif
22 // DQ (7/20/2008): Added support for unparsing abitrary strings in the unparser.
23 #include "astUnparseAttribute.h"
24 #include <set>
27 #include "LivenessAnalysis.h"
28 #include "abstract_handle.h"
29 #include "ClassHierarchyGraph.h"
30 #endif
32 // DQ (8/19/2004): Moved from ROSE/src/midend/astRewriteMechanism/rewrite.h
34 ROSE_DLL_API std::string getVariantName (VariantT v);
36 // DQ (12/9/2004): Qing, Rich and Dan have decided to start this namespace within ROSE
37 // This namespace is specific to interface functions that operate on the Sage III AST.
38 // The name was chosen so as not to conflict with other classes within ROSE.
39 // This will become the future home of many interface functions which operate on
40 // the AST and which are generally useful to users. As a namespace multiple files can be used
41 // to represent the compete interface and different developers may contribute interface
42 // functions easily.
44 // Constructor handling: (We have sageBuilder.h now for this purpose, Liao 2/1/2008)
45 // We could add simpler layers of support for construction of IR nodes by
46 // hiding many details in "makeSg***()" functions. Such functions would
47 // return pointers to the associated Sg*** objects and would be able to hide
48 // many IR specific details, including:
49 // memory handling
50 // optional parameter settings not often required
51 // use of Sg_File_Info objects (and setting them as transformations)
52 //
53 // namespace AST_Interface (this name is taken already by some of Qing's work :-)
56 #define TRANS_FILE Sg_File_Info::generateDefaultFileInfoForTransformationNode()
64 namespace SageInterface
65  {
66  // Liao 6/22/2016: keep records of loop init-stmt normalization, later help undo it to support autoPar.
68  {
69  // a lookup table to check if a for loop has been normalized for its c99-style init-stmt
70  std::map <SgForStatement* , bool > forLoopInitNormalizationTable;
71  // Detailed record about the original declaration (1st in the pair) and the normalization generated new declaration (2nd in the pair)
72  std::map <SgForStatement* , std::pair<SgVariableDeclaration*, SgVariableDeclaration*> > forLoopInitNormalizationRecord;
73  } ;
75  ROSE_DLL_API extern Transformation_Record trans_records;
77  // DQ (4/3/2014): Added general AST support separate from the AST.
79  // Container and API for analysis information that is outside of the AST and as a result
80  // prevents frequent modification of the IR.
82  {
83  // DQ (4/3/2014): This stores all associated declarations as a map of sets.
84  // the key to the map is the first nondefining declaration and the elements of the set are
85  // all of the associated declarations (including the defining declaration).
87  private:
89  std::map<SgDeclarationStatement*,std::set<SgDeclarationStatement*>* > declarationMap;
91  public:
92  void addDeclaration(SgDeclarationStatement* decl);
93  const std::set<SgDeclarationStatement*>* getDeclarations(SgDeclarationStatement* decl);
95  std::map<SgDeclarationStatement*,std::set<SgDeclarationStatement*>* > & getDeclarationMap();
97  bool isLocatedInDefiningScope(SgDeclarationStatement* decl);
99  };
101  // DQ (4/3/2014): This constructs a data structure that holds analysis information about
102  // the AST that is separate from the AST. This is intended to be a general mechanism
103  // to support analysis information without constantly modifying the IR.
104  DeclarationSets* buildDeclarationSets(SgNode*);
107 ROSE_DLL_API extern int gensym_counter;
110 SgAsmInterpretation* getMainInterpretation(SgAsmGenericFile* file);
114 uint64_t getAsmConstant(SgAsmValueExpression* e);
117 int64_t getAsmSignedConstant(SgAsmValueExpression *e);
118 #endif
121  void addMessageStatement( SgStatement* stmt, std::string message );
125  {
126  private:
127  std::string name;
128  public:
129  UniqueNameAttribute(std::string n="") {name =n; };
130  void set_name (std::string n) {name = n;};
131  std::string get_name () {return name;};
132  };
134  //------------------------------------------------------------------------
140 // DQ (8/5/2020): the "using namespace" directive will not hide existing visability of symbols in resolving visability.
141 // So we need to test if a symbol is visible exclusing matching alises due to using direectives before we can decide to
142 // persue name space qualification. This is best demonstrated by Cxx_tests/test2020_18.C, test2020_19.C, test2020_20.C,
143 // and test2020_21.C.
144  ROSE_DLL_API SgSymbol *lookupSymbolInParentScopesIgnoringAliasSymbols (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList = NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList = NULL);
146 // DQ (8/21/2013): Modified to make newest function parameters be default arguments.
147 // DQ (8/16/2013): For now we want to remove the use of default parameters and add the support for template parameters and template arguments.
149 // SgSymbol *lookupSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
150 // SgSymbol *lookupSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList);
151  ROSE_DLL_API SgSymbol *lookupSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList = NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList = NULL);
153  // Liao 1/22/2008, used for get symbols for generating variable reference nodes
154  // ! Find a variable symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given name
155  ROSE_DLL_API SgVariableSymbol *lookupVariableSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
157  // DQ (11/24/2007): Functions moved from the Fortran support so that they could be called from within astPostProcessing.
159  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol *lookupFunctionSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & functionName, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
161  // Liao, 1/24/2008, find exact match for a function
163  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol *lookupFunctionSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & functionName,
164  const SgType* t,
165  SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
167  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol *lookupTemplateFunctionSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & functionName, SgFunctionType * ftype, SgTemplateParameterPtrList * tplparams, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
168  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol *lookupTemplateMemberFunctionSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & functionName, SgFunctionType * ftype, SgTemplateParameterPtrList * tplparams, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
170  ROSE_DLL_API SgTemplateVariableSymbol * lookupTemplateVariableSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgTemplateParameterPtrList * tplparams, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* tplargs, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL);
173 // DQ (8/21/2013): Modified to make newest function parameters be default arguments.
174 // DQ (8/16/2013): For now we want to remove the use of default parameters and add the support for template parameters and template arguments.
175 // DQ (5/7/2011): Added support for SgClassSymbol (used in name qualification support).
176 // SgClassSymbol* lookupClassSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL);
177  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassSymbol* lookupClassSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList = NULL);
178  ROSE_DLL_API SgTypedefSymbol* lookupTypedefSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL);
180  ROSE_DLL_API SgNonrealSymbol* lookupNonrealSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList = NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList = NULL);
181 #if 0
182  // DQ (8/13/2013): This function does not make since any more, now that we have made the symbol
183  // table handling more precise and we have to provide template parameters for any template lookup.
184  // We also have to know if we want to lookup template classes, template functions, or template
185  // member functions (since each have specific requirements).
186  SgTemplateSymbol* lookupTemplateSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL);
187 #endif
188 #if 0
189 // DQ (8/13/2013): I am not sure if we want this functions in place of lookupTemplateSymbolInParentScopes.
190 // Where these are called we might not know enough information about the template parameters or function
191 // types, for example.
192  SgTemplateClassSymbol* lookupTemplateClassSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList = NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList = NULL);
193  SgTemplateFunctionSymbol* lookupTemplateFunctionSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList = NULL);
194  SgTemplateMemberFunctionSymbol* lookupTemplateMemberFunctionSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList = NULL);
195 #endif
197 // DQ (8/21/2013): Modified to make some of the newest function parameters be default arguments.
198 // DQ (8/13/2013): I am not sure if we want this functions in place of lookupTemplateSymbolInParentScopes.
199  ROSE_DLL_API SgTemplateClassSymbol* lookupTemplateClassSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgTemplateParameterPtrList* templateParameterList, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList* templateArgumentList, SgScopeStatement *cscope = NULL);
201  ROSE_DLL_API SgEnumSymbol* lookupEnumSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL);
202  ROSE_DLL_API SgNamespaceSymbol* lookupNamespaceSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope = NULL);
204 // DQ (7/17/2011): Added function from cxx branch that I need here for the Java support.
205 // SgClassSymbol* lookupClassSymbolInParentScopes (const SgName & name, SgScopeStatement *cscope);
215  // DQ (12/9/2004): Moved this function (by Alin Jula) from being a member of SgInitializedName
216  // to this location where it can be a part of the interface for the Sage III AST.
217  ROSE_DLL_API int set_name (SgInitializedName * initializedNameNode, SgName new_name);
223  // DQ (6/27/2005):
228  ROSE_DLL_API void outputLocalSymbolTables (SgNode * node);
231  {
232  public:
233  void visit (SgNode * node);
234  };
240  // DQ (9/28/2005):
241  void rebuildSymbolTable (SgScopeStatement * scope);
245  void clearUnusedVariableSymbols (SgNode* root = NULL);
247  // DQ (3/1/2009):
249  void fixupReferencesToSymbols( const SgScopeStatement* this_scope, SgScopeStatement* copy_scope, SgCopyHelp & help );
253  //------------------------------------------------------------------------
262  // DQ (9/21/2005): General function for extracting the name of declarations (when they have names)
263  std::string get_name (const SgNode * node);
269  // DQ (6/13/2005): General function for extracting the name of declarations (when they have names)
270  std::string get_name (const SgStatement * stmt);
276  std::string get_name (const SgExpression * expr);
282  // DQ (6/13/2005): General function for extracting the name of declarations (when they have names)
283  std::string get_name (const SgDeclarationStatement * declaration);
289  // DQ (6/13/2005): General function for extracting the name of declarations (when they have names)
290  std::string get_name (const SgScopeStatement * scope);
296  // DQ (2/11/2007): Added this function to make debugging support more complete (useful for symbol table debugging support).
297  std::string get_name (const SgSymbol * symbol);
303  std::string get_name (const SgType * type);
308  std::string get_name (const SgSupport * node);
313  std::string get_name (const SgLocatedNodeSupport * node);
317  std::string get_name ( const SgC_PreprocessorDirectiveStatement* directive );
321  std::string get_name ( const SgToken* token );
325  // PP (11/22/2021): General function for extracting the type of declarations (when they declare types)
326  SgType* getDeclaredType(const SgDeclarationStatement* declaration);
329  // DQ (3/20/2016): Added to refactor some of the DSL infrastructure support.
342  extern std::map<std::string,int> local_name_collision_map;
343  extern std::map<std::string,SgNode*> local_name_to_node_map;
344  extern std::map<SgNode*,std::string> local_node_to_name_map;
356  //------------------------------------------------------------------------
363  // DQ (6/21/2005): Get the default destructor from the class declaration
364  ROSE_DLL_API SgMemberFunctionDeclaration *getDefaultDestructor (SgClassDeclaration* classDeclaration);
368  // DQ (6/22/2005): Get the default constructor from the class declaration
369  ROSE_DLL_API SgMemberFunctionDeclaration *getDefaultConstructor (SgClassDeclaration* classDeclaration);
372  // DQ (8/27/2005):
373  ROSE_DLL_API bool templateDefinitionIsInClass (SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl* memberFunctionDeclaration);
379  // DQ (9/17/2005):
383  ROSE_DLL_API bool isStructDeclaration(SgNode * node);
385  ROSE_DLL_API bool isUnionDeclaration(SgNode * node);
387 #if 0
388  // DQ (8/28/2005): This is already a member function of the SgFunctionDeclaration
389  // (so that it can handle template functions and member functions)
394  // DQ (8/27/2005):
395  bool isTemplateMemberFunction (SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl* memberFunctionDeclaration);
396 #endif
398  // DQ (11/9/2020): Added function to support adding a default constructor definition to a class
399  // if it does not have a default constructor, but has any other constructor that would prevend
400  // a compiler generated default constructor from being generated by the compiler.
401  // Note the physical_file_id is so that it can be marked to be unparsed when header file unparsing is active.
402  ROSE_DLL_API bool addDefaultConstructorIfRequired ( SgClassType* classType, int physical_file_id = Sg_File_Info::TRANSFORMATION_FILE_ID );
406  //------------------------------------------------------------------------
416  void saveToPDF(SgNode* node, std::string filename);
417  void saveToPDF(SgNode* node); // enable calling from gdb
420  void printAST (SgNode* node);
423  void printAST2TextFile (SgNode* node, const char* filename, bool printType=true);
426  void printAST2TextFile (SgNode* node, std::string filename, bool printType=true);
428  // DQ (2/12/2012): Added some diagnostic support.
430  void whereAmI(SgNode* node);
433  std::string extractPragmaKeyword(const SgPragmaDeclaration *);
436  ROSE_DLL_API bool isOmpStatement(SgNode* );
439  // DQ (8/27/2005):
440  bool isOverloaded (SgFunctionDeclaration * functionDeclaration);
442 // DQ (2/14/2012): Added support function used for variable declarations in conditionals.
444  void initializeIfStmt(SgIfStmt *ifstmt, SgStatement* conditional, SgStatement * true_body, SgStatement * false_body);
447  void initializeSwitchStatement(SgSwitchStatement* switchStatement,SgStatement *item_selector,SgStatement *body);
450  void initializeWhileStatement(SgWhileStmt* whileStatement, SgStatement * condition, SgStatement *body, SgStatement *else_body);
456  ROSE_DLL_API bool isMain (const SgNode* node);
457  // DQ (6/22/2005):
468  std::string generateUniqueName ( const SgNode * node, bool ignoreDifferenceBetweenDefiningAndNondefiningDeclarations);
472  std::string generateUniqueVariableName(SgScopeStatement* scope, std::string baseName = "temp");
474  // DQ (8/10/2010): Added const to first parameter.
475  // DQ (3/10/2007):
477  std::string declarationPositionString (const SgDeclarationStatement * declaration);
479  // DQ (1/20/2007):
481  ROSE_DLL_API std::string generateProjectName (const SgProject * project, bool supressSuffix = false );
491  void addVarRefExpFromArrayDimInfo(SgNode * astNode, Rose_STL_Container<SgNode *>& NodeList_t);
493  // DQ (10/6/2006): Added support for faster mangled name generation (caching avoids recomputation).
497 #ifndef SWIG
498 // DQ (3/10/2013): This appears to be a problem for the SWIG interface (undefined reference at link-time).
499  void clearMangledNameCache (SgGlobal * globalScope);
500  void resetMangledNameCache (SgGlobal * globalScope);
501 #endif
503  std::string getMangledNameFromCache (SgNode * astNode);
504  std::string addMangledNameToCache (SgNode * astNode, const std::string & mangledName);
512  // DQ (10/14/2006): This function tests the AST to see if for a non-defining declaration, the
513  // bool declarationPreceedsDefinition ( SgClassDeclaration* classNonDefiningDeclaration, SgClassDeclaration* classDefiningDeclaration );
515  bool declarationPreceedsDefinition (SgDeclarationStatement *nonDefiningDeclaration, SgDeclarationStatement *definingDeclaration);
517  // DQ (10/19/2006): Function calls have interesting context dependent rules to determine if
518  // they are output with a global qualifier or not. Were this is true we have to avoid global
519  // qualifiers, since the function's scope has not been defined. This is an example of where
520  // qualification of function names in function calls are context dependent; an interesting
521  // example of where the C++ language is not friendly to source-to-source processing :-).
528  ROSE_DLL_API std::vector < SgNode * >astIntersection (SgNode * original, SgNode * copy, SgCopyHelp * help = NULL);
531  ROSE_DLL_API SgNode* deepCopyNode (const SgNode* subtree);
534  template <typename NodeType>
535  NodeType* deepCopy (const NodeType* subtree) {
536  return dynamic_cast<NodeType*>(deepCopyNode(subtree));
537  }
540  ROSE_DLL_API SgExpression* copyExpression(SgExpression* e);
543  ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* copyStatement(SgStatement* s);
545 // from in src/midend/astOutlining/src/ASTtools
553 ROSE_DLL_API void myRemoveStatement(SgStatement* stmt);
556 ROSE_DLL_API bool isConstantTrue(SgExpression* e);
559 ROSE_DLL_API bool isConstantFalse(SgExpression* e);
562 ROSE_DLL_API bool isCallToParticularFunction(const std::string& qualifiedName, size_t arity, SgExpression* e);
565 bool ROSE_DLL_API isStatic(SgDeclarationStatement* stmt);
568 ROSE_DLL_API void setStatic(SgDeclarationStatement* stmt);
571 ROSE_DLL_API bool isExtern(SgDeclarationStatement* stmt);
574 ROSE_DLL_API void setExtern(SgDeclarationStatement* stmt);
577 bool ROSE_DLL_API isMutable(SgInitializedName* name);
580 bool ROSE_DLL_API isJovialOutParam(SgInitializedName* name);
583 std::vector<SgInitializedName*> getInParameters(const SgInitializedNamePtrList &params);
586 std::vector<SgInitializedName*> getOutParameters(const SgInitializedNamePtrList &params);
591  public:
592  virtual ~StatementGenerator() {};
593  virtual SgStatement* generate(SgExpression* where_to_write_answer) = 0;
594 };
599  bool isAssignmentStatement(SgNode* _s, SgExpression** lhs=NULL, SgExpression** rhs=NULL, bool* readlhs=NULL);
602 ROSE_DLL_API SgInitializedName* convertRefToInitializedName(SgNode* current, bool coarseGrain=true);
608 ROSE_DLL_API SgNode* getSgNodeFromAbstractHandleString(const std::string& input_string);
611 ROSE_DLL_API void dumpInfo(SgNode* node, std::string desc="");
614 ROSE_DLL_API std::vector<SgDeclarationStatement*>
615 sortSgNodeListBasedOnAppearanceOrderInSource(const std::vector<SgDeclarationStatement*>& nodevec);
617 // DQ (4/13/2013): We need these to support the unparing of operators defined by operator syntax or member function names.
619 // bool isPrefixOperator( const SgMemberFunctionRefExp* memberFunctionRefExp );
620 bool isPrefixOperator( SgExpression* exp );
623 bool isPrefixOperatorName( const SgName & functionName );
626 bool isPostfixOperator( SgExpression* exp );
629 bool isIndexOperator( SgExpression* exp );
631 // DQ (1/10/2014): Adding more general support for token based unparsing.
633 SgStatement* lastStatementOfScopeWithTokenInfo (SgScopeStatement* scope, std::map<SgNode*,TokenStreamSequenceToNodeMapping*> & tokenStreamSequenceMap);
635 // DQ (8/12/2020): Check the access permissions of all defining and nodefining declarations.
638 // DQ (8/14/2020): Check the symbol tables for specific scopes (debugging support).
639 void checkSymbolTables ( SgNode* );
641 // DQ (11/9/2020): Added support for makring IR nodes and subtrees of the AST to be unparsed (physical_file_id
642 // is required when unparsing header files is true or support multiple files and shared IR nodes).
643 void markSubtreeToBeUnparsed(SgNode* root, int physical_file_id);
644 void markNodeToBeUnparsed(SgNode* node, int physical_file_id);
649 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
655 // DQ (11/25/2020): Add support to set this as a specific language kind file (there is at least one language kind file processed by ROSE).
656 // The value of 0 allows the old implementation to be tested, and the value of 1 allows the new optimized implementation to be tested.
657 // However to get all of the functions to be inlined, we have to recompile all of ROSE.
660 // std::string version(); // utility_functions.h, version number
664  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Ada_language () { return Rose::is_Ada_language; }
665  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_C_language () { return Rose::is_C_language; }
666  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_OpenMP_language () { return Rose::is_OpenMP_language; }
667  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_UPC_language () { return Rose::is_UPC_language; }
668  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_UPC_dynamic_threads() { return Rose::is_UPC_dynamic_threads; }
669  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_C99_language () { return Rose::is_C99_language; }
670  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Cxx_language () { return Rose::is_Cxx_language; }
671  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Java_language () { return Rose::is_Java_language; }
672  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Jovial_language () { return Rose::is_Jovial_language; }
673  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Fortran_language () { return Rose::is_Fortran_language; }
674  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_CAF_language () { return Rose::is_CAF_language; }
675  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_PHP_language() { return Rose::is_PHP_language; }
676  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Python_language() { return Rose::is_Python_language; }
677  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_Cuda_language() { return Rose::is_Cuda_language; }
678  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_OpenCL_language() { return Rose::is_OpenCL_language; }
679  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_X10_language() { return Rose::is_X10_language; }
680  ROSE_DLL_API inline bool is_binary_executable() { return Rose::is_binary_executable; }
681 #else
682  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Ada_language ();
683  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_C_language ();
684  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_OpenMP_language ();
685  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_UPC_language ();
687  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_UPC_dynamic_threads();
688  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_C99_language ();
689  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Cxx_language ();
690  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Java_language ();
691  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Jovial_language ();
692  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Fortran_language ();
693  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_CAF_language ();
694  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_PHP_language();
695  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Python_language();
696  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Cuda_language();
697  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_OpenCL_language();
698  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_X10_language();
699  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_binary_executable();
700 #endif
702  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_C_and_Cxx_language ();
703  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_Fortran_and_C_language ();
704  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_Fortran_and_Cxx_language ();
705  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_Fortran_and_C_and_Cxx_language ();
707  ROSE_DLL_API bool is_language_case_insensitive ();
712 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
718  // DQ (10/5/2006): Added support for faster (non-quadratic) computation of unique
719  // labels for scopes in a function (as required for name mangling).
725  void resetScopeNumbers (SgFunctionDefinition * functionDeclaration);
727  // DQ (10/5/2006): Added support for faster (non-quadratic) computation of unique
728  // labels for scopes in a function (as required for name mangling).
737  void clearScopeNumbers (SgFunctionDefinition * functionDefinition);
742 // SgNamespaceDefinitionStatement * getEnclosingNamespaceScope (SgNode * node);
744  bool isPrototypeInScope (SgScopeStatement * scope,
745  SgFunctionDeclaration * functionDeclaration,
746  SgDeclarationStatement * startingAtDeclaration);
749  bool ROSE_DLL_API isAncestor(SgNode* node1, SgNode* node2);
751 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
757  void dumpPreprocInfo (SgLocatedNode* locatedNode);
761 ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo * findHeader(SgSourceFile * source_file, const std::string & header_file_name, bool isSystemHeader);
764 ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo * insertHeader(SgSourceFile * source_file, const std::string & header_file_name, bool isSystemHeader, bool asLastHeader);
767 ROSE_DLL_API void insertHeader (SgStatement* stmt, PreprocessingInfo* newheader, bool asLastHeader);
770 ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo * insertHeader(SgSourceFile * source_file, const std::string & header_file_name, bool isSystemHeader = false, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position = PreprocessingInfo::before);
773 ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo* insertHeader(const std::string& filename, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position=PreprocessingInfo::after, bool isSystemHeader=false, SgScopeStatement* scope=NULL);
776 ROSE_DLL_API void moveUpPreprocessingInfo (SgStatement* stmt_dst, SgStatement* stmt_src, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType src_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType dst_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, bool usePrepend= false);
779 ROSE_DLL_API void movePreprocessingInfo (SgStatement* stmt_src, SgStatement* stmt_dst, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType src_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef,
780  PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType dst_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, bool usePrepend= false);
784 ROSE_DLL_API void cutPreprocessingInfo (SgLocatedNode* src_node, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType pos, AttachedPreprocessingInfoType& save_buf);
787 ROSE_DLL_API void pastePreprocessingInfo (SgLocatedNode* dst_node, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType pos, AttachedPreprocessingInfoType& saved_buf);
791  const std::string & text,
792  PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position=PreprocessingInfo::before);
800  SgSourceFile * source_file,
801  const std::string & content,
802  PreprocessingInfo::DirectiveType directive_type = PreprocessingInfo::C_StyleComment,
803  PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position = PreprocessingInfo::before
804 );
807  ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo* attachComment(SgLocatedNode* target, const std::string & content,
808  PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position=PreprocessingInfo::before,
809  PreprocessingInfo::DirectiveType dtype= PreprocessingInfo::CpreprocessorUnknownDeclaration);
811 // DQ (7/20/2008): I am not clear were I should put this function, candidates include: SgLocatedNode or SgInterface
813  ROSE_DLL_API void addTextForUnparser ( SgNode* astNode, std::string s, AstUnparseAttribute::RelativePositionType inputlocation );
819 void guardNode(SgLocatedNode * target, std::string guard);
824 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
830 // ************************************************************************
831 // Newer versions of now depricated functions
832 // ************************************************************************
834 // DQ (5/1/2012): This function queries the SageBuilder::SourcePositionClassification mode (stored in the SageBuilder
835 // interface) and used the specified mode to initialize the source position data (Sg_File_Info objects). This
836 // function is the only function that should be called directly (though in a namespace we can't define permissions).
838  ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePosition(SgNode* node);
840 // A better name might be "setSourcePositionForSubTree"
842  ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePositionAtRootAndAllChildren(SgNode *root);
847 // DQ (5/1/2012): Newly renamed function (previous name preserved for backward compatability).
850 // ************************************************************************
854 // ************************************************************************
855 // Older deprecated functions
856 // ************************************************************************
857  // Liao, 1/8/2007, set file info. for a whole subtree as transformation generated
859  ROSE_DLL_API void setOneSourcePositionForTransformation(SgNode *node);
862  ROSE_DLL_API void setOneSourcePositionNull(SgNode *node);
865  ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePositionForTransformation (SgNode * root);
868 // ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePositionForTransformation_memoryPool();
871  ROSE_DLL_API bool insideSystemHeader (SgLocatedNode* node);
873 // DQ (2/27/2021): Adding support to detect if a SgLocatedNode is located in a header file.
875  ROSE_DLL_API bool insideHeader (SgLocatedNode* node);
878 // ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePosition (SgLocatedNode * locatedNode);
879 // ************************************************************************
884 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
890 // from src/midend/astInlining/typeTraits.h
891 // src/midend/astUtil/astInterface/AstInterface.h
900 ROSE_DLL_API bool isStrictIntegerType(SgType* t);
902 ROSE_DLL_API SgType* getFirstVarType(SgVariableDeclaration* decl);
905 ROSE_DLL_API bool isDefaultConstructible(SgType* type);
908 ROSE_DLL_API bool isCopyConstructible(SgType* type);
911 ROSE_DLL_API bool isAssignable(SgType* type);
914 ROSE_DLL_API bool isPureVirtualClass(SgType* type, const ClassHierarchyWrapper& classHierarchy);
918 #endif
921 ROSE_DLL_API bool hasTrivialDestructor(SgType* t);
924 ROSE_DLL_API bool isNonconstReference(SgType* t);
927 ROSE_DLL_API bool isReferenceType(SgType* t);
930 ROSE_DLL_API bool isPointerType(SgType* t);
937 ROSE_DLL_API bool isPointerToNonConstType(SgType* type);
940 /* const char* p = "aa"; is not treated as having a const type. It is a pointer to const char.
941  * Similarly, neither for const int b[10]; or const int & c =10;
942  * The standard says, "A compound type is not cv-qualified by the cv-qualifiers (if any) of
943 the types from which it is compounded. Any cv-qualifiers applied to an array type affect the array element type, not the array type".
944  */
945 ROSE_DLL_API bool isConstType(SgType* t);
951 ROSE_DLL_API bool isVolatileType(SgType* t);
954 ROSE_DLL_API bool isRestrictType(SgType* t);
959 ROSE_DLL_API bool isScalarType(SgType* t);
964 ROSE_DLL_API bool isStrictIntegerType(SgType* t);
967 ROSE_DLL_API bool isStructType(SgType* t);
970 ROSE_DLL_API std::string mangleType(SgType* type);
973 ROSE_DLL_API std::string mangleScalarType(SgType* type);
976 ROSE_DLL_API std::string mangleModifierType(SgModifierType* type);
979 ROSE_DLL_API size_t getArrayElementCount(SgArrayType* t);
982 ROSE_DLL_API int getDimensionCount(SgType* t);
985 ROSE_DLL_API SgType* getArrayElementType(SgType* t);
988 ROSE_DLL_API SgType* getElementType(SgType* t);
1007 std::vector<SgExpression*>
1008 get_C_array_dimensions(const SgArrayType& arrtype);
1030 std::vector<SgExpression*>
1031 get_C_array_dimensions(const SgArrayType& arrtype, const SgVarRefExp& varref);
1036 std::vector<SgExpression*>
1037 get_C_array_dimensions(const SgArrayType& arrtype, SgInitializedName& initname);
1041 ROSE_DLL_API bool isArrayReference(SgExpression* ref, SgExpression** arrayNameExp=NULL, std::vector<SgExpression*>** subscripts=NULL);
1045 ROSE_DLL_API int collectVariableReferencesInArrayTypes (SgLocatedNode* root, Rose_STL_Container<SgNode*> & currentVarRefList);
1056 ROSE_DLL_API bool hasUpcSharedType(SgType* t, SgModifierType ** mod_type_out = NULL );
1062 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcSharedType(SgType* t, SgModifierType ** mod_type_out = NULL);
1065 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcSharedModifierType (SgModifierType* mod_type);
1068 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcSharedArrayType (SgArrayType* array_type);
1071 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcStrictSharedModifierType(SgModifierType* mode_type);
1074 ROSE_DLL_API size_t getUpcSharedBlockSize(SgModifierType* mod_type);
1077 ROSE_DLL_API size_t getUpcSharedBlockSize(SgType* t);
1080 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcPhaseLessSharedType (SgType* t);
1083 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcPrivateToSharedType(SgType* t);
1086 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcArrayWithThreads(SgArrayType* t);
1089 ROSE_DLL_API SgType* lookupNamedTypeInParentScopes(const std::string& type_name, SgScopeStatement* scope=NULL);
1091 // DQ (7/22/2014): Added support for comparing expression types in actual arguments with those expected from the formal function parameter types.
1093 ROSE_DLL_API SgType* getAssociatedTypeFromFunctionTypeList(SgExpression* actual_argument_expression);
1096 ROSE_DLL_API bool templateArgumentEquivalence(SgTemplateArgument * arg1, SgTemplateArgument * arg2);
1099 ROSE_DLL_API bool templateArgumentListEquivalence(const SgTemplateArgumentPtrList & list1, const SgTemplateArgumentPtrList & list2);
1102 ROSE_DLL_API bool isEquivalentType (const SgType* lhs, const SgType* rhs);
1105 ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionType* findFunctionType (SgType* return_type, SgFunctionParameterTypeList* typeList);
1109 ROSE_DLL_API bool isEquivalentFunctionType (const SgFunctionType* lhs, const SgFunctionType* rhs);
1113 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
1119 // by Jeremiah
1128 ROSE_DLL_API void addStepToLoopBody(SgScopeStatement* loopStmt, SgStatement* step);
1131 ROSE_DLL_API void convertForToWhile(SgForStatement* f);
1132 ROSE_DLL_API void convertAllForsToWhiles(SgNode* top);
1134 ROSE_DLL_API void changeContinuesToGotos(SgStatement* stmt, SgLabelStatement* label);
1137 ROSE_DLL_API SgInitializedName* getLoopIndexVariable(SgNode* loop);
1141 ROSE_DLL_API bool isLoopIndexVariable(SgInitializedName* ivar, SgNode* subtree_root);
1148 ROSE_DLL_API bool hasMultipleInitStatmentsOrExpressions (SgForStatement* for_loop);
1151 ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getLoopBody(SgScopeStatement* loop);
1153 ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopBody(SgScopeStatement* loop, SgStatement* body);
1156 ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getLoopCondition(SgScopeStatement* loop);
1159 ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopCondition(SgScopeStatement* loop, SgStatement* cond);
1164 ROSE_DLL_API bool isCanonicalForLoop(SgNode* loop, SgInitializedName** ivar=NULL, SgExpression** lb=NULL, SgExpression** ub=NULL, SgExpression** step=NULL, SgStatement** body=NULL, bool *hasIncrementalIterationSpace = NULL, bool* isInclusiveUpperBound = NULL);
1167 ROSE_DLL_API bool isCanonicalDoLoop(SgFortranDo* loop,SgInitializedName** ivar/*=NULL*/, SgExpression** lb/*=NULL*/, SgExpression** ub/*=NULL*/, SgExpression** step/*=NULL*/, SgStatement** body/*=NULL*/, bool *hasIncrementalIterationSpace/*= NULL*/, bool* isInclusiveUpperBound/*=NULL*/);
1170 ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopLowerBound(SgNode* loop, SgExpression* lb);
1173 ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopUpperBound(SgNode* loop, SgExpression* ub);
1176 ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopStride(SgNode* loop, SgExpression* stride);
1180 ROSE_DLL_API bool normalizeForLoopInitDeclaration(SgForStatement* loop);
1183 ROSE_DLL_API bool unnormalizeForLoopInitDeclaration(SgForStatement* loop);
1196 ROSE_DLL_API bool forLoopNormalization(SgForStatement* loop, bool foldConstant = true);
1201 ROSE_DLL_API bool normalizeForLoopTest(SgForStatement* loop);
1202 ROSE_DLL_API bool normalizeForLoopIncrement(SgForStatement* loop);
1205 ROSE_DLL_API bool doLoopNormalization(SgFortranDo* loop);
1208 ROSE_DLL_API bool loopUnrolling(SgForStatement* loop, size_t unrolling_factor);
1211 ROSE_DLL_API bool loopInterchange(SgForStatement* loop, size_t depth, size_t lexicoOrder);
1214 ROSE_DLL_API bool loopTiling(SgForStatement* loopNest, size_t targetLevel, size_t tileSize);
1216 //Winnie Loop Collapsing
1217 SgExprListExp * loopCollapsing(SgForStatement* target_loop, size_t collapsing_factor);
1220  SgForStatement * for_loop,
1221  SgVariableSymbol * & iterator,
1222  SgExpression * & lower_bound,
1223  SgExpression * & upper_bound,
1224  SgExpression * & stride
1225 );
1229 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
1235 template <typename NodeType>
1237 std::vector<NodeType*> querySubTree(SgNode* top, VariantT variant = (VariantT)NodeType::static_variant)
1238  {
1239 #if 0
1240  printf ("Top of SageInterface::querySubTree() \n");
1241 #endif
1243  Rose_STL_Container<SgNode*> nodes = NodeQuery::querySubTree(top,variant);
1244  std::vector<NodeType*> result(nodes.size(), NULL);
1245  int count = 0;
1246 #if 0
1247  printf ("In SageInterface::querySubTree(): before initialization loop \n");
1248 #endif
1250  for (Rose_STL_Container<SgNode*>::const_iterator i = nodes.begin(); i != nodes.end(); ++i, ++count)
1251  {
1252 #if 0
1253  printf ("In SageInterface::querySubTree(): in loop: count = %d \n",count);
1254 #endif
1255  NodeType* node = dynamic_cast<NodeType*>(*i);
1256  ROSE_ASSERT (node);
1257  result[count] = node;
1258  }
1259 #if 0
1260  printf ("Leaving SageInterface::querySubTree(): after initialization loop \n");
1261 #endif
1263  return result;
1264  }
1269  std::vector < SgFile * >generateFileList ();
1275 ROSE_DLL_API SgProject * getProject();
1278  SgProject * getProject(const SgNode * node);
1281 template <typename NodeType>
1282 static std::vector<NodeType*> getSgNodeListFromMemoryPool()
1283 {
1284  // This function uses a memory pool traversal specific to the SgFile IR nodes
1285  class MyTraversal : public ROSE_VisitTraversal
1286  {
1287  public:
1288  std::vector<NodeType*> resultlist;
1289  void visit ( SgNode* node)
1290  {
1291  NodeType* result = dynamic_cast<NodeType* > (node);
1292  ROSE_ASSERT(result!= NULL);
1293  if (result!= NULL)
1294  {
1295  resultlist.push_back(result);
1296  }
1297  };
1298  virtual ~MyTraversal() {}
1299  };
1301  MyTraversal my_traversal;
1302  NodeType::traverseMemoryPoolNodes(my_traversal);
1303  return my_traversal.resultlist;
1304 }
1309 ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration* findMain(SgNode* currentNode);
1312 SgStatement* findLastDeclarationStatement(SgScopeStatement * scope, bool includePragma = false);
1314  //midend/programTransformation/partialRedundancyElimination/pre.h
1316 std::vector<SgVariableSymbol*> getSymbolsUsedInExpression(SgExpression* expr);
1324 std::vector<SgBreakStmt*> findBreakStmts(SgStatement* code, const std::string& fortranLabel = "");
1332 std::vector<SgContinueStmt*> findContinueStmts(SgStatement* code, const std::string& fortranLabel = "");
1333 std::vector<SgGotoStatement*> findGotoStmts(SgStatement* scope, SgLabelStatement* l);
1334 std::vector<SgStatement*> getSwitchCases(SgSwitchStatement* sw);
1337 void collectVarRefs(SgLocatedNode* root, std::vector<SgVarRefExp* >& result);
1340 template <typename T>
1341 T* findDeclarationStatement(SgNode* root, std::string name, SgScopeStatement* scope, bool isDefining)
1342  {
1343  bool found = false;
1345 #if 0
1346  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): root = %p \n",root);
1347  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): name = %s \n",name.c_str());
1348  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): scope = %p \n",scope);
1349  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): isDefining = %s \n",isDefining ? "true" : "false");
1350 #endif
1352  // Do we really want a NULL pointer to be acceptable input to this function?
1353  // Maybe we should have an assertion that it is non-null?
1354  if (!root) return NULL;
1356  T* decl = dynamic_cast<T*>(root);
1358 #if 0
1359  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): decl = %p \n",decl);
1360 #endif
1362  if (decl != NULL)
1363  {
1364  if (scope)
1365  {
1366  if ((decl->get_scope() == scope) && (decl->search_for_symbol_from_symbol_table()->get_name() == name))
1367  {
1368  found = true;
1369  }
1370  }
1371  else // Liao 2/9/2010. We should allow NULL scope
1372  {
1373 #if 0
1374  // DQ (12/6/2016): Include this into the debugging code to aboid compiler warning about unused variable.
1375  SgSymbol* symbol = decl->search_for_symbol_from_symbol_table();
1376  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): decl->search_for_symbol_from_symbol_table() = %p \n",symbol);
1377  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): decl->search_for_symbol_from_symbol_table()->get_name() = %s \n",symbol->get_name().str());
1378 #endif
1379  if (decl->search_for_symbol_from_symbol_table()->get_name() == name)
1380  {
1381  found = true;
1382  }
1383  }
1384  }
1386  if (found)
1387  {
1388  if (isDefining)
1389  {
1390 #if 0
1391  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): decl->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration() = %p \n",decl->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration());
1392  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): decl->get_definingDeclaration() = %p \n",decl->get_definingDeclaration());
1393 #endif
1394  ROSE_ASSERT (decl->get_definingDeclaration() != NULL);
1395 #if 0
1396  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): returing decl->get_definingDeclaration() = %p \n",decl->get_definingDeclaration());
1397 #endif
1398  return dynamic_cast<T*> (decl->get_definingDeclaration());
1399  }
1400  else
1401  {
1402 #if 0
1403  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): returing decl = %p \n",decl);
1404 #endif
1405  return decl;
1406  }
1407  }
1409  std::vector<SgNode*> children = root->get_traversalSuccessorContainer();
1411 #if 0
1412  printf ("In findDeclarationStatement(): children.size() = %zu \n",children.size());
1413 #endif
1415  // DQ (4/10/2016): Note that if we are searching for a function member that has it's defining
1416  // declaration defined outside of the class then it will not be found in the child list.
1417  for (std::vector<SgNode*>::const_iterator i = children.begin(); i != children.end(); ++i)
1418  {
1419  T* target = findDeclarationStatement<T> (*i,name,scope,isDefining);
1421  if (target)
1422  {
1423  return target;
1424  }
1425  }
1427  return NULL;
1428  }
1430  SgFunctionDeclaration* findFunctionDeclaration(SgNode* root, std::string name, SgScopeStatement* scope, bool isDefining);
1432 #if 0 //TODO
1433  // 1. preorder traversal from current SgNode till find next SgNode of type V_SgXXX
1434  // until reach the end node
1435  SgNode* getNextSgNode( const SgNode* astSourceNode, VariantT=V_SgNode, SgNode* astEndNode=NULL);
1437  // 2. return all nodes of type VariantT following the source node
1438  std::vector<SgNode*> getAllNextSgNode( const SgNode* astSourceNode, VariantT=V_SgNode, SgNode* astEndNode=NULL);
1439 #endif
1443 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
1448 // remember to put const to all arguments.
1465 template <typename NodeType>
1466 NodeType* getEnclosingNode(const SgNode* astNode, const bool includingSelf = false)
1467  {
1470 #if 1 /* TOP_LEVEL_IF */
1471  // DQ (12/31/2019): This version does not detect a cycle that Robb's version detects in processing Cxx11_tests/test2016_23.C.
1472  // This will have to be investigated seperately from the issue I am working on currently.
1474  // DQ (10/20/2012): This is the older version of this implementation. Until I am sure that
1475  // the newer version (below) is what we want to use I will resolve this conflict by keeping
1476  // the previous version in place.
1478  if (nullptr == astNode)
1479  {
1480  return nullptr;
1481  }
1483  if ( (includingSelf ) && (dynamic_cast<const NodeType*>(astNode)) )
1484  {
1485  return const_cast<NodeType*>(dynamic_cast<const NodeType*> (astNode));
1486  }
1488  // DQ (3/5/2012): Check for reference to self...
1489  ROSE_ASSERT(astNode->get_parent() != astNode);
1491  SgNode* parent = astNode->get_parent();
1493  // DQ (3/5/2012): Check for loops that will cause infinite loops.
1494  SgNode* previouslySeenParent = parent;
1495  bool foundCycle = false;
1496  int counter = 0;
1499  printf ("In getEnclosingNode(): previouslySeenParent = %p = %s \n",previouslySeenParent,previouslySeenParent->class_name().c_str());
1500 #endif
1502  while ( (foundCycle == false) && (parent != nullptr) && (!dynamic_cast<const NodeType*>(parent)) )
1503  {
1504  ROSE_ASSERT(parent->get_parent() != parent);
1507  printf (" --- parent = %p = %s \n",parent,parent->class_name().c_str());
1508  printf (" --- --- parent->get_parent() = %p = %s \n",parent->get_parent(),parent->get_parent()->class_name().c_str());
1509 #endif
1511 #if 1
1512  // DQ (1/8/2020): ROSE-82 (on RZ) This limit needs to be larger and increasing it to 500 was enough
1513  // for a specific code with a long chain of if-then-else nesting, So to make this sufficent for more
1514  // general code we have increased the lomit to 100,000. Note that 50 was not enough for real code,
1515  // but was enough for our regression tests.
1516  // DQ (12/30/2019): This is added to support detection of infinite loops over parent pointers.
1517  // if (counter >= 500)
1518  if (counter >= 100000)
1519  {
1520  printf ("Exiting: In getEnclosingNode(): loop limit exceeded: counter = %d \n",counter);
1521  ROSE_ABORT();
1522  }
1523 #endif
1524  parent = parent->get_parent();
1526  // DQ (3/5/2012): Check for loops that will cause infinite loops.
1527  // ROSE_ASSERT(parent != previouslySeenParent);
1528  if (parent == previouslySeenParent)
1529  {
1530  foundCycle = true;
1531  }
1532  counter++;
1534  }
1537  printf ("previouslySeenParent = %p = %s \n",previouslySeenParent,previouslySeenParent->class_name().c_str());
1538 #endif
1540  parent = previouslySeenParent;
1542  SgDeclarationStatement* declarationStatement = isSgDeclarationStatement(parent);
1543  if (declarationStatement != nullptr)
1544  {
1545 #if 0
1546  printf ("Found a SgDeclarationStatement \n");
1547 #endif
1548  SgDeclarationStatement* definingDeclaration = declarationStatement->get_definingDeclaration();
1549  SgDeclarationStatement* firstNondefiningDeclaration = declarationStatement->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration();
1551 #if 0
1552  printf (" --- declarationStatement = %p \n",declarationStatement);
1553  printf (" --- definingDeclaration = %p \n",definingDeclaration);
1554  if (definingDeclaration != NULL && definingDeclaration->get_parent() != NULL)
1555  printf (" --- definingDeclaration ->get_parent() = %p = %s \n",definingDeclaration->get_parent(),definingDeclaration->get_parent()->class_name().c_str());
1556  printf (" --- firstNondefiningDeclaration = %p \n",firstNondefiningDeclaration);
1557  if (firstNondefiningDeclaration != NULL && firstNondefiningDeclaration->get_parent() != NULL)
1558  printf (" --- firstNondefiningDeclaration ->get_parent() = %p = %s \n",firstNondefiningDeclaration->get_parent(),firstNondefiningDeclaration->get_parent()->class_name().c_str());
1559 #endif
1560  if (definingDeclaration != nullptr && declarationStatement != firstNondefiningDeclaration)
1561  {
1562 #if 0
1563  printf ("Found a nondefining declaration so use the non-defining declaration instead \n");
1564 #endif
1565  // DQ (10/19/2012): Use the defining declaration instead.
1566  // parent = firstNondefiningDeclaration;
1567  parent = definingDeclaration;
1568  }
1569  }
1571 #if 0
1572  printf ("reset: previouslySeenParent = %p = %s \n",previouslySeenParent,previouslySeenParent->class_name().c_str());
1573 #endif
1575  // DQ (10/19/2012): This branch is just to document the cycle that was previously detected, it is for
1576  // debugging only. Thus it ony make sense for it to be executed when "(foundCycle == true)". However,
1577  // this will have to be revisited later since it appears clear that it is a problem for the binary analysis
1578  // work when it is visited for this case. Since the cycle is detected, but there is no assertion on the
1579  // cycle, we don't exit when a cycle is identified (which is the point of the code below).
1580  // Note also that I have fixed the code (above and below) to only chase pointers through defining
1581  // declarations (where they exist), this is important since non-defining declarations can be almost
1582  // anywhere (and thus chasing them can make it appear that there are cycles where there are none
1583  // (I think); test2012_234.C demonstrates an example of this.
1584  // DQ (10/9/2012): Robb has suggested this change to fix the binary analysis work.
1585  // if (foundCycle == true)
1586  if (foundCycle == false)
1587  {
1590  while ( (parent != nullptr) && (!dynamic_cast<const NodeType*>(parent)) )
1591  {
1592  ROSE_ASSERT(parent->get_parent() != parent);
1593 #if 0
1594  printf ("In getEnclosingNode() (2nd try): parent = %p = %s \n",parent,parent->class_name().c_str());
1595  if (parent->get_file_info() != NULL)
1596  parent->get_file_info()->display("In getEnclosingNode() (2nd try): debug");
1597 #endif
1598  SgDeclarationStatement* declarationStatement = isSgDeclarationStatement(parent);
1599  if (declarationStatement != nullptr)
1600  {
1602  printf ("Found a SgDeclarationStatement \n");
1603 #endif
1604  SgDeclarationStatement* definingDeclaration = declarationStatement->get_definingDeclaration();
1605  SgDeclarationStatement* firstNondefiningDeclaration = declarationStatement->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration();
1606  if (definingDeclaration != nullptr && declarationStatement != firstNondefiningDeclaration)
1607  {
1608 #if 0
1609  printf ("Found a nondefining declaration so use the firstNondefining declaration instead \n");
1610 #endif
1611  // DQ (10/19/2012): Use the defining declaration instead.
1612  // parent = firstNondefiningDeclaration;
1613  parent = definingDeclaration;
1614  }
1615  }
1617  parent = parent->get_parent();
1619 #if 1
1620  // DQ (3/5/2012): Check for loops that will cause infinite loops.
1621  ROSE_ASSERT(parent != previouslySeenParent);
1622 #else
1623  printf ("WARNING::WARNING::WARNING commented out assertion for parent != previouslySeenParent \n");
1624  if (parent == previouslySeenParent)
1625  break;
1626 #endif
1627  }
1628  }
1630  return const_cast<NodeType*>(dynamic_cast<const NodeType*> (parent));
1631 #else /* TOP_LEVEL_IF */
1632  // DQ (10/20/2012): Using Robb's newer version with my modification to use the definingDeclaration rather than firstNondefiningDeclaration (below).
1634  // Find the parent of specified type, but watch out for cycles in the ancestry (which would cause an infinite loop).
1635  // Cast away const because isSg* functions aren't defined for const node pointers; and our return is not const.
1636  SgNode *node = const_cast<SgNode*>(!astNode || includingSelf ? astNode : astNode->get_parent());
1637  std::set<const SgNode*> seen; // nodes we've seen, in order to detect cycles
1638  while (node) {
1639  if (NodeType *found = dynamic_cast<NodeType*>(node))
1640  return found;
1642  // FIXME: Cycle detection could be moved elsewhere so we don't need to do it on every call. [RPM 2012-10-09]
1643  // DQ (12/30/2019): Provide more detail in error message.
1644  if (seen.insert(node).second == false)
1645  {
1646  printf ("Error: node is already in set and defines a cycle: node = %p = %s \n",node,node->class_name().c_str());
1647  std::set<const SgNode*>::const_iterator i = seen.begin();
1648  while (i != seen.end())
1649  {
1650  const SgNode* element = *i;
1651  printf (" --- seen element: element = %p = %s \n",element,element->class_name().c_str());
1652  i++;
1653  }
1655  printf ("Exiting after error! \n");
1656  ROSE_ABORT();
1657  }
1658  // ROSE_ASSERT(seen.insert(node).second);
1660  // Traverse to parent (declaration statements are a special case)
1661  if (SgDeclarationStatement *declarationStatement = isSgDeclarationStatement(node)) {
1662  SgDeclarationStatement *definingDeclaration = declarationStatement->get_definingDeclaration();
1663  SgDeclarationStatement *firstNondefiningDeclaration = declarationStatement->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration();
1664  if (definingDeclaration && firstNondefiningDeclaration && declarationStatement != firstNondefiningDeclaration) {
1665  // DQ (10/19/2012): Use the defining declaration instead.
1666  // node = firstNondefiningDeclaration;
1667  node = definingDeclaration;
1668  }
1669  } else {
1670  node = node->get_parent();
1671  }
1672  }
1673  return NULL;
1674 #endif /* TOP_LEVEL_IF */
1675  }
1678  ROSE_DLL_API SgSourceFile* getEnclosingSourceFile(SgNode* n, const bool includingSelf=false);
1681  ROSE_DLL_API SgScopeStatement* getScope(const SgNode* astNode);
1684  ROSE_DLL_API SgScopeStatement* getEnclosingScope(SgNode* n, const bool includingSelf=false);
1687  ROSE_DLL_API SgGlobal* getGlobalScope( const SgNode* astNode);
1689  // DQ (12/7/2020): This is supporting the recognition of functions in header files from two different AST.
1691  ROSE_DLL_API bool hasSameGlobalScope ( SgStatement* statement_1, SgStatement* statement_2 );
1694  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDefinition* getEnclosingProcedure(SgNode* n, const bool includingSelf=false);
1696  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDefinition* getEnclosingFunctionDefinition(SgNode* astNode, const bool includingSelf=false);
1699  ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getEnclosingStatement(SgNode* n);
1708  ROSE_DLL_API SgScopeStatement* findEnclosingLoop(SgStatement* s, const std::string& fortranLabel = "", bool stopOnSwitches = false);
1711  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * getEnclosingFunctionDeclaration (SgNode * astNode, const bool includingSelf=false);
1712  //roseSupport/utility_functions.h
1714  ROSE_DLL_API SgFile* getEnclosingFileNode (SgNode* astNode );
1720  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDefinition* getEnclosingClassDefinition(SgNode* astnode, const bool includingSelf=false);
1723  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDeclaration* getEnclosingClassDeclaration( SgNode* astNode );
1725  // DQ (2/7/2019): Adding support for name qualification of variable references associated with SgPointerMemberType function parameters.
1727  ROSE_DLL_API SgExprListExp* getEnclosingExprListExp(SgNode* astNode, const bool includingSelf = false);
1729  // DQ (2/7/2019): Need a function to return when an expression is in an expression subtree.
1730  // This is part of index evaluation ofr expressions in function argument lists, but likely usefule elsewhere as well.
1731  ROSE_DLL_API bool isInSubTree(SgExpression* subtree, SgExpression* exp);
1733  // DQ (2/7/2019): Need a function to return the SgFunctionDeclaration from a SgFunctionCallExp.
1734  ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration* getFunctionDeclaration ( SgFunctionCallExp* functionCallExp );
1736  // DQ (2/17/2019): Generalizing this support for SgVarRefExp and SgMemberFunctionRefExp nodes.
1737  // DQ (2/8/2019): Adding support for detecting when to use added name qualification for pointer-to-member expressions.
1738  ROSE_DLL_API bool isDataMemberReference(SgVarRefExp* varRefExp);
1739  // ROSE_DLL_API bool isAddressTaken(SgVarRefExp* varRefExp);
1740  ROSE_DLL_API bool isAddressTaken(SgExpression* refExp);
1742  // DQ (2/17/2019): Adding support for detecting when to use added name qualification for membr function references.
1743  ROSE_DLL_API bool isMemberFunctionMemberReference(SgMemberFunctionRefExp* memberFunctionRefExp);
1745  // DQ (2/15/2019): Adding support for detecting which class a member reference is being made from.
1746  // ROSE_DLL_API SgClassType* getClassTypeForDataMemberReference(SgVarRefExp* varRefExp);
1747  // ROSE_DLL_API std::list<SgClassType*> getClassTypeChainForDataMemberReference(SgVarRefExp* varRefExp);
1748  ROSE_DLL_API std::list<SgClassType*> getClassTypeChainForMemberReference(SgExpression* refExp);
1750  ROSE_DLL_API std::set<SgNode*> getFrontendSpecificNodes();
1752  // DQ (2/17/2019): Display the shared nodes in the AST for debugging.
1753  ROSE_DLL_API void outputSharedNodes( SgNode* node );
1755  // DQ (10/31/2020): Added function to help debug edits to statements in scopes.
1756  ROSE_DLL_API void displayScope(SgScopeStatement* scope);
1758 // TODO
1759 #if 0
1760  SgNode * getEnclosingSgNode(SgNode* source,VariantT, SgNode* endNode=NULL);
1761  std::vector<SgNode *> getAllEnclosingSgNode(SgNode* source,VariantT, SgNode* endNode=NULL);
1762  SgVariableDeclaration* findVariableDeclaratin( const string& varname)
1766  // e.g. for some expression, find its parent statement
1767  SgStatement* getEnclosingStatement(const SgNode* astNode);
1769  SgSwitchStatement* getEnclosingSwitch(SgStatement* s);
1770  SgModuleStatement* getEnclosingModuleStatement( const SgNode* astNode);
1772  // used to build a variable reference for compiler generated code in current scope
1773  SgSymbol * findReachingDefinition (SgScopeStatement* startScope, SgName &name);
1774 #endif
1777 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
1782  // Liao, 1/9/2008
1786  ROSE_DLL_API SgGlobal * getFirstGlobalScope(SgProject *project);
1791  ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getLastStatement(SgScopeStatement *scope);
1794  ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getFirstStatement(SgScopeStatement *scope,bool includingCompilerGenerated=false);
1799  ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getNextStatement(SgStatement * currentStmt);
1802  ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* getPreviousStatement(SgStatement * currentStmt, bool climbOutScope = true);
1803 #if 0 //TODO
1804  // preorder traversal from current SgNode till find next SgNode of type V_SgXXX
1805  SgNode* getNextSgNode( const SgNode* currentNode, VariantT=V_SgNode);
1806 #endif
1808  // DQ (11/15/2018): Adding support for traversals over the include file tree.
1810  void listHeaderFiles ( SgIncludeFile* includeFile );
1815 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
1820  ROSE_DLL_API bool isEqualToIntConst(SgExpression* e, int value);
1827  ROSE_DLL_API bool isSameFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration* func1, SgFunctionDeclaration* func2);
1830  ROSE_DLL_API bool isLastStatement(SgStatement* stmt);
1834 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
1842 #if 1
1844  {
1845  // DQ (11/19/2020): We need to expand the use of this to cover deffered transformations of common SageInterface transformations (e.g. replaceStatement).
1846  // So I needed to move this out of being specific to the outliner and make it more generally data structure in the SageInterface.
1848  // DQ (11/15/2020): Need to add the concept of deffered transformation to cover replaceStatement operations.
1850  // DQ (8/7/2019): Store data required to support defering the transformation to insert the outlined function prototypes
1851  // into class declaration (when this is required to support the outlined function's access to protected or private data members).
1852  // This is part of an optimization to support the optimization of header file unparsing (limiting the overhead of supporting any
1853  // header file to just focus on the few (typically one) header file that would have to be unparsed.
1855  enum TransformationKind
1856  {
1857  // DQ (11/22/2020): Might need to also add SageInterface::addDefaultConstructorIfRequired() and SageStatement::insert_statment()
1858  // to support the processStatements.C transforamtions to pre-process the AST (return expressions and variable initializations).
1859  e_error,
1860  e_default,
1861  e_outliner,
1862  e_replaceStatement,
1863  e_removeStatement,
1864  e_replaceDefiningFunctionDeclarationWithFunctionPrototype,
1865  e_last
1866  };
1868  TransformationKind deferredTransformationKind;
1870  // DQ (12/12/2020): Adding a string label so that we can name the different kinds of transformations.
1871  // E.g. moving pattern matched function from header file to dynamic library, vs. replacing function
1872  // definitions in the dynamic library file with function prototypes.
1873  std::string transformationLabel;
1875  // Remove sets statementToRemove, replace sets statementToRemove and StatementToAdd.
1876  SgStatement* statementToRemove;
1877  SgStatement* statementToAdd;
1879  SgClassDefinition* class_definition;
1880  SgDeclarationStatement* target_class_member;
1881  SgDeclarationStatement* new_function_prototype;
1883  typedef std::set<SgClassDefinition *> ClassDefSet_t;
1884  ClassDefSet_t targetClasses;
1886  typedef std::vector<SgFunctionDeclaration *> FuncDeclList_t;
1887  FuncDeclList_t targetFriends;
1889  // DQ (2/28/2021): Adding support for outlining where it involves building up pre-transformations.
1890  // For example, in the code segregation, we build a conditiona around the interval of statements
1891  // that we are outlining. This conditional is used to overwrite the first statement in the interval
1892  // list. Because we don't want to transform the AST until after the outlining, we need so save the
1893  // whole interval so that we, after the outlining, remove the statements in the interval after that
1894  // first statement.
1895  typedef std::vector<SgStatement*> IntervalType;
1896  IntervalType statementInterval;
1897  SgStatement* locationToOverwriteWithTransformation;
1898  SgStatement* transformationToOverwriteFirstStatementInInterval;
1899  SgBasicBlock* blockOfStatementsToOutline;
1901  // DQ (12/5/2019): Added ROSE_DLL_API prefix for Windows support (too all of these functions).
1902  ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation();
1903  ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation(SgClassDefinition* class_definition, SgDeclarationStatement* target_class_member, SgDeclarationStatement* new_function_prototype);
1904  ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation (const DeferredTransformation& X);
1905  ROSE_DLL_API ~DeferredTransformation (void);
1907  ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation & operator= (const DeferredTransformation& X);
1909  // DQ (11/20/20): static function to generate specialized version of deferred transformation object.
1910  static ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation replaceDefiningFunctionDeclarationWithFunctionPrototype( SgFunctionDeclaration* functionDeclaration );
1911  static ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation replaceStatement(SgStatement* oldStmt, SgStatement* newStmt, bool movePreprocessinInfo = false);
1913  static ROSE_DLL_API std::string outputDeferredTransformationKind(const TransformationKind & kind);
1914  ROSE_DLL_API void display ( std::string label ) const;
1916  };
1917 #endif
1920 // DQ (2/24/2009): Simple function to delete an AST subtree (used in outlining).
1922 ROSE_DLL_API void deleteAST(SgNode* node);
1927 // DQ (2/25/2009): Added new function to support outliner.
1929 ROSE_DLL_API void moveStatementsBetweenBlocks ( SgBasicBlock* sourceBlock, SgBasicBlock* targetBlock );
1932 ROSE_DLL_API void moveStatementsBetweenBlocks ( SgAdaPackageSpec * sourceBlock, SgNamespaceDefinitionStatement* targetBlock );
1935 ROSE_DLL_API void moveStatementsBetweenBlocks ( SgAdaPackageBody* sourceBlock, SgNamespaceDefinitionStatement* targetBlock );
1938 ROSE_DLL_API void moveStatementsBetweenBlocks ( SgNamespaceDefinitionStatement* sourceBlock, SgNamespaceDefinitionStatement* targetBlock );
1941 ROSE_DLL_API bool isLambdaFunction (SgFunctionDeclaration* func);
1944 ROSE_DLL_API bool isLambdaCapturedVariable (SgVarRefExp* varRef);
1948 ROSE_DLL_API void moveVariableDeclaration(SgVariableDeclaration* decl, SgScopeStatement* target_scope);
1950 ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope=NULL);
1953 ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgForInitStatement* for_init_stmt);
1956 ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatementList(const std::vector<SgStatement*>& stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope=NULL);
1958 // DQ (2/6/2009): Added function to support outlining into separate file.
1960 ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatementWithDependentDeclaration( SgDeclarationStatement* decl, SgGlobal* scope, SgStatement* original_statement, bool excludeHeaderFiles );
1964 ROSE_DLL_API void prependStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope=NULL);
1967 ROSE_DLL_API void prependStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgForInitStatement* for_init_stmt);
1971 ROSE_DLL_API void prependStatementList(const std::vector<SgStatement*>& stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope=NULL);
1976 ROSE_DLL_API bool hasSimpleChildrenList (SgScopeStatement* scope);
1979 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatement(SgStatement *targetStmt, SgStatement* newStmt, bool insertBefore= true, bool autoMovePreprocessingInfo = true);
1982 //target's scope
1983 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementList(SgStatement *targetStmt, const std::vector<SgStatement*>& newStmts, bool insertBefore= true);
1986 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementBefore(SgStatement *targetStmt, SgStatement* newStmt, bool autoMovePreprocessingInfo = true);
1989 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementListBefore(SgStatement *targetStmt, const std::vector<SgStatement*>& newStmts);
1992 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementAfter(SgStatement *targetStmt, SgStatement* newStmt, bool autoMovePreprocessingInfo = true);
1995 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementListAfter(SgStatement *targetStmt, const std::vector<SgStatement*>& newStmt);
1998 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementAfterLastDeclaration(SgStatement* stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2001 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementAfterLastDeclaration(std::vector<SgStatement*> stmt_list, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2004 // then the statement is inserted at the end of the scope.
2005 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementBeforeFirstNonDeclaration(SgStatement *newStmt, SgScopeStatement *scope,
2006  bool movePreprocessingInfo=true);
2009 //then the new statements are inserted at the end of the scope.
2010 ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementListBeforeFirstNonDeclaration(const std::vector<SgStatement*> &newStmts, SgScopeStatement *scope);
2012 // DQ (11/21/2018): We need to sometimes insert something after the last statement of the collection from rose_edg_required_macros_and_functions.h.
2013 ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* lastFrontEndSpecificStatement( SgGlobal* globalScope );
2016 ROSE_DLL_API void removeStatement(SgStatement* stmt, bool autoRelocatePreprocessingInfo = true);
2019 ROSE_DLL_API void deepDelete(SgNode* root);
2022 ROSE_DLL_API void replaceStatement(SgStatement* oldStmt, SgStatement* newStmt, bool movePreprocessinInfo = false);
2025 ROSE_DLL_API SgNode* replaceWithPattern (SgNode * anchor, SgNode* new_pattern);
2028 // Essentially replace variable a with b.
2029 ROSE_DLL_API void replaceVariableReferences(SgVariableSymbol* old_sym, SgVariableSymbol* new_sym, SgScopeStatement * scope );
2031 // DQ (11/12/2018): Adding test to avoid issues that we can't test for in the unparsing of header files using the token based unparsing.
2035 ROSE_DLL_API bool statementCanBeTransformed(SgStatement* stmt);
2048 std::pair<SgVariableDeclaration*, SgExpression* > createTempVariableForExpression(SgExpression* expression,
2049  SgScopeStatement* scope, bool initializeInDeclaration, SgAssignOp** reEvaluate = NULL);
2051 /* This function creates a temporary variable for a given expression in the given scope
2052  This is different from SageInterface::createTempVariableForExpression in that it does not
2053  try to be smart to create pointers to reference types and so on. The tempt is initialized to expression.
2054  The caller is responsible for setting the parent of SgVariableDeclaration since buildVariableDeclaration
2055  may not set_parent() when the scope stack is empty. See programTransformation/extractFunctionArgumentsNormalization/ExtractFunctionArguments.C for sample usage.
2056  @param expression Expression which will be replaced by a variable
2057  @param scope scope in which the temporary variable will be generated
2058 */
2060 std::pair<SgVariableDeclaration*, SgExpression*> createTempVariableAndReferenceForExpression
2061  (SgExpression* expression, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2073 ROSE_DLL_API void appendExpression(SgExprListExp *, SgExpression*);
2076 ROSE_DLL_API void appendExpressionList(SgExprListExp *, const std::vector<SgExpression*>&);
2079 template <class actualFunction>
2080 void setParameterList(actualFunction *func,SgFunctionParameterList *paralist) {
2082  // TODO consider the difference between C++ and Fortran
2083  // fixup the scope of arguments,no symbols for nondefining function declaration's arguments
2085  // DQ (11/25/2011): templated function so that we can handle both
2086  // SgFunctionDeclaration and SgTemplateFunctionDeclaration (and their associated member
2087  // function derived classes).
2089  ROSE_ASSERT(func != NULL);
2090  ROSE_ASSERT(paralist != NULL);
2092 #if 0
2093  // At this point we don't have cerr and endl defined, so comment this code out.
2094  // Warn to users if a paralist is being shared
2095  if (paralist->get_parent() !=NULL)
2096  {
2097  cerr << "Waring! Setting a used SgFunctionParameterList to function: "
2098  << (func->get_name()).getString()<<endl
2099  << " Sharing parameter lists can corrupt symbol tables!"<<endl
2100  << " Please use deepCopy() to get an exclusive parameter list for each function declaration!"<<endl;
2101  // ROSE_ASSERT(false);
2102  }
2103 #endif
2105  // Liao,2/5/2008 constructor of SgFunctionDeclaration will automatically generate SgFunctionParameterList, so be cautious when set new paralist!!
2106  if (func->get_parameterList() != NULL)
2107  {
2108  if (func->get_parameterList() != paralist)
2109  {
2110  delete func->get_parameterList();
2111  }
2112  }
2114  func->set_parameterList(paralist);
2115  paralist->set_parent(func);
2118  {
2119  // Ada stores variable declarations in the function parameter scope (for functions)
2120  // and in a discriminantScope (for discriminated declarations).
2121  // ==> just make sure that these are set.
2122  SgInitializedNamePtrList& args = paralist->get_args();
2123  for (SgInitializedNamePtrList::iterator i = args.begin(); i != args.end(); ++i)
2124  {
2125  ROSE_ASSERT(*i && isSgVariableDeclaration((*i)->get_declptr()));
2126  }
2127  }
2128  else
2129  {
2130  // DQ (5/15/2012): Need to set the declptr in each SgInitializedName IR node.
2131  // This is needed to support the AST Copy mechanism (at least). The files: test2005_150.C,
2132  // test2012_81.C and testcode2012_82.C demonstrate this problem.
2133  SgInitializedNamePtrList & args = paralist->get_args();
2134  for (SgInitializedNamePtrList::iterator i = args.begin(); i != args.end(); i++)
2135  {
2136  (*i)->set_declptr(func);
2137  }
2138  }
2139  }
2142 ROSE_DLL_API void setPragma(SgPragmaDeclaration* decl, SgPragma *pragma);
2145 ROSE_DLL_API void replaceExpression(SgExpression* oldExp, SgExpression* newExp, bool keepOldExp=false);
2148 ROSE_DLL_API void replaceExpressionWithStatement(SgExpression* from,
2152 ROSE_DLL_API void replaceSubexpressionWithStatement(SgExpression* from,
2156 ROSE_DLL_API void setOperand(SgExpression* target, SgExpression* operand);
2159 ROSE_DLL_API void setLhsOperand(SgExpression* target, SgExpression* lhs);
2162 ROSE_DLL_API void setRhsOperand(SgExpression* target, SgExpression* rhs);
2165 ROSE_DLL_API void removeAllOriginalExpressionTrees(SgNode* top);
2167 // DQ (1/25/2010): Added support for directories
2169 ROSE_DLL_API void moveToSubdirectory ( std::string directoryName, SgFile* file );
2172 ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement* findSurroundingStatementFromSameFile(SgStatement* targetStmt, bool & surroundingStatementPreceedsTargetStatement);
2175 ROSE_DLL_API void moveCommentsToNewStatement(SgStatement* sourceStatement, const std::vector<int> & indexList, SgStatement* targetStatement, bool surroundingStatementPreceedsTargetStatement);
2177 // DQ (7/19/2015): This is required to support general unparsing of template instantations for the GNU g++
2178 // compiler which does not permit name qualification to be used to support the expression of the namespace
2179 // where a template instantiatoon would be places. Such name qualification would also sometimes require
2180 // global qualification which is also not allowed by the GNU g++ compiler. These issues appear to be
2181 // specific to the GNU compiler versions, at least versions 4.4 through 4.8.
2183 ROSE_DLL_API void moveDeclarationToAssociatedNamespace ( SgDeclarationStatement* declarationStatement );
2185 ROSE_DLL_API bool isTemplateInstantiationNode(SgNode* node);
2189 // DQ (12/1/2015): Adding support for fixup internal data struuctures that have references to statements (e.g. macro expansions).
2190 ROSE_DLL_API void resetInternalMapsForTargetStatement(SgStatement* sourceStatement);
2192 // DQ (6/7/2019): Add support for transforming function definitions to function prototypes in a subtree.
2193 // We might have to make this specific to a file (only traversing the functions in that file).
2203 // DQ (11/10/2019): Lower level support for convertFunctionDefinitionsToFunctionPrototypes().
2204 // DQ (10/27/2020): Need to return the generated function prototype (incase we want to mark it for output or template unparsing from the AST).
2205 // ROSE_DLL_API void replaceDefiningFunctionDeclarationWithFunctionPrototype ( SgFunctionDeclaration* functionDeclaration );
2206 // ROSE_DLL_API SgDeclarationStatement* replaceDefiningFunctionDeclarationWithFunctionPrototype ( SgFunctionDeclaration* functionDeclaration );
2208 ROSE_DLL_API std::vector<SgFunctionDeclaration*> generateFunctionDefinitionsList(SgNode* node);
2210 // DQ (10/29/2020): build a function prototype for all but member functions outside of the class (except for template instantiations).
2211 // The reason why member functions outside of the class are an exception is because they can not be used except in a class and there
2212 // would already be one present for the code to compile.
2213 ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration* buildFunctionPrototype ( SgFunctionDeclaration* functionDeclaration );
2217 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2232 ROSE_DLL_API int fixVariableReferences(SgNode* root, bool cleanUnusedSymbol=true);
2239 ROSE_DLL_API void fixVariableDeclaration(SgVariableDeclaration* varDecl, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2242 ROSE_DLL_API void fixStructDeclaration(SgClassDeclaration* structDecl, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2244 ROSE_DLL_API void fixClassDeclaration(SgClassDeclaration* classDecl, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2247 ROSE_DLL_API void fixNamespaceDeclaration(SgNamespaceDeclarationStatement* structDecl, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2251 ROSE_DLL_API void fixLabelStatement(SgLabelStatement* label_stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2254 ROSE_DLL_API void setFortranNumericLabel(SgStatement* stmt, int label_value,
2255  SgLabelSymbol::label_type_enum label_type=SgLabelSymbol::e_start_label_type,
2256  SgScopeStatement* label_scope=NULL);
2259 ROSE_DLL_API int suggestNextNumericLabel(SgFunctionDefinition* func_def);
2262 ROSE_DLL_API void fixFunctionDeclaration(SgFunctionDeclaration* stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2265 ROSE_DLL_API void fixTemplateDeclaration(SgTemplateDeclaration* stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2268 ROSE_DLL_API void fixStatement(SgStatement* stmt, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2270 // DQ (6/11/2015): This reports the statements that are marked as transformed (used to debug the token-based unparsing).
2272 ROSE_DLL_API std::set<SgStatement*> collectTransformedStatements( SgNode* node );
2275 ROSE_DLL_API std::set<SgStatement*> collectModifiedStatements( SgNode* node );
2278 ROSE_DLL_API std::set<SgLocatedNode*> collectModifiedLocatedNodes( SgNode* node );
2280 // DQ (6/5/2019): Use the previously constructed set (above) to reset the IR nodes to be marked as isModified.
2282 ROSE_DLL_API void resetModifiedLocatedNodes(const std::set<SgLocatedNode*> & modifiedNodeSet);
2285 // DQ (10/23/2018): Report nodes that are marked as modified.
2286 ROSE_DLL_API void reportModifiedStatements(const std::string & label, SgNode* node);
2288 // DQ (3/22/2019): Translate CPP directives from attached preprocessor information to CPP Directive Declaration IR nodes.
2289 ROSE_DLL_API void translateToUseCppDeclarations( SgNode* n );
2291 ROSE_DLL_API void translateScopeToUseCppDeclarations( SgScopeStatement* scope );
2293 ROSE_DLL_API std::vector<SgC_PreprocessorDirectiveStatement*> translateStatementToUseCppDeclarations( SgStatement* statement, SgScopeStatement* scope);
2294 ROSE_DLL_API void printOutComments ( SgLocatedNode* locatedNode );
2295 ROSE_DLL_API bool skipTranslateToUseCppDeclaration( PreprocessingInfo* currentPreprocessingInfo );
2297 // DQ (12/2/2019): Debugging support.
2298 ROSE_DLL_API void outputFileIds( SgNode* node );
2311 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2317 ROSE_DLL_API bool
2319 collectReadWriteRefs(SgStatement* stmt, std::vector<SgNode*>& readRefs, std::vector<SgNode*>& writeRefs, bool useCachedDefUse=false);
2322 ROSE_DLL_API bool collectReadWriteVariables(SgStatement* stmt, std::set<SgInitializedName*>& readVars, std::set<SgInitializedName*>& writeVars, bool coarseGrain=true);
2325 ROSE_DLL_API void collectReadOnlyVariables(SgStatement* stmt, std::set<SgInitializedName*>& readOnlyVars, bool coarseGrain=true);
2328 ROSE_DLL_API void collectReadOnlySymbols(SgStatement* stmt, std::set<SgVariableSymbol*>& readOnlySymbols, bool coarseGrain=true);
2331 ROSE_DLL_API bool isUseByAddressVariableRef(SgVarRefExp* ref);
2334 ROSE_DLL_API void collectUseByAddressVariableRefs (const SgStatement* s, std::set<SgVarRefExp* >& varSetB);
2337 ROSE_DLL_API LivenessAnalysis * call_liveness_analysis(SgProject* project, bool debug=false);
2341 ROSE_DLL_API void getLiveVariables(LivenessAnalysis * liv, SgForStatement* loop, std::set<SgInitializedName*>& liveIns, std::set<SgInitializedName*> & liveOuts);
2342 #endif
2345 ROSE_DLL_API void ReductionRecognition(SgForStatement* loop, std::set< std::pair <SgInitializedName*, OmpSupport::omp_construct_enum> > & results);
2349 ROSE_DLL_API void constantFolding(SgNode* r);
2354 ROSE_DLL_API int instrumentEndOfFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration * func, SgStatement* s);
2357 ROSE_DLL_API void removeJumpsToNextStatement(SgNode*);
2360 ROSE_DLL_API void removeUnusedLabels(SgNode* top, bool keepChild =false);
2363 ROSE_DLL_API std::set<SgLabelStatement*> findUnusedLabels (SgNode* top);
2366 ROSE_DLL_API void removeConsecutiveLabels(SgNode* top);
2375 ROSE_DLL_API bool mergeDeclarationAndAssignment (SgVariableDeclaration* decl, SgExprStatement* assign_stmt, bool removeAssignStmt = true);
2379 ROSE_DLL_API bool mergeAssignmentWithDeclaration (SgExprStatement* assign_stmt, SgVariableDeclaration* decl, bool removeAssignStmt = true);
2385 ROSE_DLL_API bool mergeDeclarationWithAssignment (SgVariableDeclaration* decl, SgExprStatement* assign_stmt);
2395 ROSE_DLL_API int splitVariableDeclaration (SgScopeStatement* scope, bool topLevelOnly = true);
2405  ROSE_DLL_API SgAssignInitializer* splitExpression(SgExpression* from, std::string newName = "");
2408 ROSE_DLL_API void splitExpressionIntoBasicBlock(SgExpression* expr);
2411 ROSE_DLL_API void removeLabeledGotos(SgNode* top);
2414 ROSE_DLL_API void changeBreakStatementsToGotos(SgStatement* loopOrSwitch);
2441 ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock* ensureBasicBlockAsFalseBodyOfIf(SgIfStmt* ifs, bool createEmptyBody = true);
2449 // DQ (1/18/2015): This is added to support better quality token-based unparsing.
2451 ROSE_DLL_API void cleanupNontransformedBasicBlockNode();
2453 // DQ (1/18/2015): This is added to support better quality token-based unparsing.
2455 ROSE_DLL_API void recordNormalizations(SgStatement* s);
2459 bool isBodyStatement (SgStatement* s);
2462 void changeAllBodiesToBlocks(SgNode* top, bool createEmptyBody = true);
2464 // The same as changeAllBodiesToBlocks(SgNode* top). Phased out.
2465 //void changeAllLoopBodiesToBlocks(SgNode* top);
2470 #if 0
2474 SgLocatedNode* ensureBasicBlockAsParent(SgStatement* s);
2475 #endif
2479 unsigned long long getIntegerConstantValue(SgValueExp* expr);
2482 std::vector<SgDeclarationStatement*> getDependentDeclarations (SgStatement* stmt );
2489 SgCommaOpExp *insertAfterUsingCommaOp (SgExpression* new_exp, SgExpression* anchor_exp, SgStatement** temp_decl = NULL, SgVarRefExp** temp_ref = NULL);
2521 std::pair<SgStatement*, SgInitializedName*>
2522 wrapFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration& definingDeclaration, SgName newName);
2529 template <class NameGen>
2530 std::pair<SgStatement*, SgInitializedName*>
2531 wrapFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration& definingDeclaration, NameGen nameGen)
2532 {
2533  return wrapFunction(definingDeclaration, nameGen(definingDeclaration.get_name()));
2534 }
2543 // DQ (6/7/2012): Unclear where this function should go...
2544  bool hasTemplateSyntax( const SgName & name );
2546 #if 0
2548 //------------------------AST dump, stringify-----------------------------
2549 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2550  std::string buildOperatorString ( SgNode* astNode ); //transformationSupport.h
2552  // do we need these?
2553  std::string dump_node(const SgNode* astNode);
2554  std::string dump_tree(const SgNode* astNode);
2556  // or a friendly version of unparseToString(), as a memeber function
2557  std::string SgNode::toString(bool asSubTree=true); // dump node or subtree
2559 //----------------------------AST comparison------------------------------
2560 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2561 // How to get generic functions for comparison?
2562  bool isNodeEqual(SgNode* node1, SgNode* node2); //?
2563  bool isTreeEqual(SgNode* tree1, SgNode* tree2);
2566  bool expressionTreeEqual(SgExpression*, SgExpression*);
2568  bool expressionTreeEqualStar(const SgExpressionPtrList&,
2569  const SgExpressionPtrList&);
2571 //----------------------AST verfication/repair----------------------------
2572 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2573 // sanity check of AST subtree, any suggestions?
2574 // TODO
2575  verifySgNode(SgNode* node, bool subTree=true);
2576  //src/midend/astDiagnostics/AstConsistencyTests.h
2577  // AstTests::runAllTests(SgProject * )
2579  //src/midend/astUtil/astInterface/AstInterface.h.C
2580  //FixSgProject(SgProject &project)
2581  //FixSgTree(SgNode* r)
2583  //src/frontend/SageIII/astPostProcessing
2584  //AstPostProcessing(SgNode * node)
2586 //--------------------------AST modification------------------------------
2587 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2588 // any operations changing AST tree, including
2589 // insert, copy, delete(remove), replace
2591  // insert before or after some point, argument list is consistent with LowLevelRewrite
2592  void insertAst(SgNode* targetPosition, SgNode* newNode, bool insertBefore=true);
2594  // previous examples
2595  //void myStatementInsert(SgStatement* target,...)
2596  // void AstInterfaceBase::InsertStmt(AstNodePtr const & orig, AstNodePtr const &n, bool insertbefore, bool extractfromBasicBlock)
2598  // copy
2599  // copy children of one basic block to another basic block
2600  //void appendStatementCopy (const SgBasicBlock* a, SgBasicBlock* b);
2601  void copyStatements (const SgBasicBlock* src, SgBasicBlock* dst);
2603  // delete (remove) a node or a whole subtree
2604  void removeSgNode(SgNode* targetNode); // need this?
2605  void removeSgNodeTree(SgNode* subtree); // need this?
2607  void removeStatement( SgStatement* targetStmt);
2609  //Move = delete + insert
2610  void moveAst (SgNode* src, SgNode* target); // need this?
2611  // similar to
2612  void moveStatements (SgBasicBlock* src, SgBasicBlock* target);
2614  // replace= delete old + insert new (via building or copying)
2616 // DQ (1/25/2010): This does not appear to exist as a definition anywhere in ROSE.
2617 // void replaceAst(SgNode* oldNode, SgNode* newNode);
2619  //void replaceChild(SgNode* parent, SgNode* from, SgNode* to);
2620  //bool AstInterface::ReplaceAst( const AstNodePtr& orig, const AstNodePtr& n)
2622 //--------------------------AST transformations---------------------------
2623 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2624 // Advanced AST modifications through basic AST modifications
2625 // Might not be included in AST utitlity list, but listed here for the record.
2627  // extract statements/content from a scope
2628  void flattenBlocks(SgNode* n);
2630  //src/midend/astInlining/inlinerSupport.h
2631  void renameVariables(SgNode* n);
2632  void renameLabels(SgNode* n, SgFunctionDefinition* enclosingFunctionDefinition);
2634  void simpleCopyAndConstantPropagation(SgNode* top);
2635  void changeAllMembersToPublic(SgNode* n);
2637  void removeVariableDeclaration(SgInitializedName* initname);
2640  SgAssignOp* convertInitializerIntoAssignment(SgAssignInitializer* init);
2646  void pushTestIntoBody(LoopStatement* loopStmt);
2648  //programTransformation/finiteDifferencing/finiteDifferencing.h
2650  void moveForDeclaredVariables(SgNode* root);
2652 //------------------------ Is/Has functions ------------------------------
2653 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2654 // misc. boolean functions
2655 // some of them could moved to SgXXX class as a member function
2657  bool isOverloaded (SgFunctionDeclaration * functionDeclaration);
2659  bool isSwitchCond (const SgStatement* s);
2660  bool isIfCond (const SgStatement* s);
2661  bool isWhileCond (const SgStatement* s);
2662  bool isStdNamespace (const SgScopeStatement* scope);
2663  bool isTemplateInst (const SgDeclarationStatement* decl);
2666  bool isCtor (const SgFunctionDeclaration* func);
2667  bool isDtor (const SgFunctionDeclaration* func);
2669  // src/midend/astInlining/typeTraits.h
2670  bool hasTrivialDestructor(SgType* t);
2671  ROSE_DLL_API bool isNonconstReference(SgType* t);
2672  ROSE_DLL_API bool isReferenceType(SgType* t);
2674  // generic ones, or move to the SgXXX class as a member function
2676  bool isConst(SgNode* node); // const type, variable, function, etc.
2677  // .... and more
2679  bool isConstType (const SgType* type);
2680  bool isConstFunction (const SgFunctionDeclaration* decl);
2683  bool isMemberVariable(const SgInitializedName & var);
2684  //bool isMemberVariable(const SgNode& in);
2686  bool isPrototypeInScope (SgScopeStatement * scope,
2687  SgFunctionDeclaration * functionDeclaration,
2688  SgDeclarationStatement * startingAtDeclaration);
2690  bool MayRedefined(SgExpression* expr, SgNode* root);
2691  // bool isPotentiallyModified(SgExpression* expr, SgNode* root); // inlinderSupport.h
2692  bool hasAddressTaken(SgExpression* expr, SgNode* root);
2694  //src/midend/astInlining/inlinerSupport.C
2695  // can also classified as topdown search
2696  bool containsVariableReference(SgNode* root, SgInitializedName* var);
2698  bool isDeclarationOf(SgVariableDeclaration* decl, SgInitializedName* var);
2699  bool isPotentiallyModifiedDuringLifeOf(SgBasicBlock* sc,
2700  SgInitializedName* toCheck,
2701  SgInitializedName* lifetime)
2702  //src/midend/programTransformation/partialRedundancyElimination/pre.h
2703  bool anyOfListPotentiallyModifiedIn(const std::vector<SgVariableSymbol*>& syms, SgNode* n);
2705 //------------------------ loop handling ---------------------------------
2706 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2707  //get and set loop control expressions
2708  // 0: init expr, 1: condition expr, 2: stride expr
2710  SgExpression* getForLoopTripleValues(int valuetype,SgForStatement* forstmt );
2711  int setForLoopTripleValues(int valuetype,SgForStatement* forstmt, SgExpression* exp);
2713  bool isLoopIndexVarRef(SgForStatement* forstmt, SgVarRefExp *varref);
2714  SgInitializedName * getLoopIndexVar(SgForStatement* forstmt);
2716 //------------------------expressions-------------------------------------
2717 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2718  //src/midend/programTransformation/partialRedundancyElimination/pre.h
2719  int countComputationsOfExpressionIn(SgExpression* expr, SgNode* root);
2721  //src/midend/astInlining/replaceExpressionWithStatement.h
2722  void replaceAssignmentStmtWithStatement(SgExprStatement* from, StatementGenerator* to);
2725  StatementGenerator* to);
2726  SgExpression* getRootOfExpression(SgExpression* n);
2728 //--------------------------preprocessing info. -------------------------
2729 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2731  void cutPreprocInfo (SgBasicBlock* b,
2733  AttachedPreprocessingInfoType& save_buf);
2735  void pastePreprocInfoFront (AttachedPreprocessingInfoType& save_buf,
2736  SgStatement* s);
2738  void pastePreprocInfoBack (AttachedPreprocessingInfoType& save_buf,
2739  SgStatement* s);
2746  // a generic one for all
2748  void moveBeforePreprocInfo (SgStatement* src, SgStatement* dest);
2749  void moveInsidePreprocInfo (SgBasicBlock* src, SgBasicBlock* dest);
2750  void moveAfterPreprocInfo (SgStatement* src, SgStatement* dest);
2752 //--------------------------------operator--------------------------------
2753 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2754  from transformationSupport.h, not sure if they should be included here
2755  /* return enum code for SAGE operators */
2756  operatorCodeType classifyOverloadedOperator(); // transformationSupport.h
2763  std::string stringifyOperator (std::string name);
2765 //--------------------------------macro ----------------------------------
2766 //------------------------------------------------------------------------
2767  std::string buildMacro ( std::string s ); //transformationSupport.h
2769 //--------------------------------access functions---------------------------
2770 //----------------------------------get/set sth.-----------------------------
2771 // several categories:
2772 * get/set a direct child/grandchild node or fields
2773 * get/set a property flag value
2774 * get a descendent child node using preorder searching
2775 * get an ancestor node using bottomup/reverse searching
2777  // SgName or string?
2778  std::string getFunctionName (SgFunctionCallExp* functionCallExp);
2779  std::string getFunctionTypeName ( SgFunctionCallExp* functionCallExpression );
2781  // do we need them anymore? or existing member functions are enought?
2782  // a generic one:
2783  std::string get_name (const SgNode* node);
2784  std::string get_name (const SgDeclarationStatement * declaration);
2786  // get/set some property: should moved to SgXXX as an inherent memeber function?
2787  // access modifier
2788  void setExtern (SgFunctionDeclartion*)
2789  void clearExtern()
2791  // similarly for other declarations and other properties
2793  void setPublic()
2794  void setPrivate()
2796 #endif
2798 // DQ (1/23/2013): Added support for generated a set of source sequence entries.
2799  std::set<unsigned int> collectSourceSequenceNumbers( SgNode* astNode );
2801 //--------------------------------Type Traits (C++)---------------------------
2802  bool HasNoThrowAssign(const SgType * const inputType);
2803  bool HasNoThrowCopy(const SgType * const inputType);
2804  bool HasNoThrowConstructor(const SgType * const inputType);
2805  bool HasTrivialAssign(const SgType * const inputType);
2806  bool HasTrivialCopy(const SgType * const inputType);
2807  bool HasTrivialConstructor(const SgType * const inputType);
2808  bool HasTrivialDestructor(const SgType * const inputType);
2809  bool HasVirtualDestructor(const SgType * const inputType);
2810  bool IsBaseOf(const SgType * const inputBaseType, const SgType * const inputDerivedType);
2811  bool IsAbstract(const SgType * const inputType);
2813  bool IsClass(const SgType * const inputType);
2814  bool IsEmpty(const SgType * const inputType);
2815  bool IsEnum(const SgType * const inputType);
2816  bool IsPod(const SgType * const inputType);
2817  bool IsPolymorphic(const SgType * const inputType);
2818  bool IsStandardLayout(const SgType * const inputType);
2819  bool IsLiteralType(const SgType * const inputType);
2820  bool IsTrivial(const SgType * const inputType);
2821  bool IsUnion(const SgType * const inputType);
2822  SgType * UnderlyingType(SgType *type);
2824 // DQ (3/2/2014): Added a new interface function (used in the snippet insertion support).
2825 // void supportForInitializedNameLists ( SgScopeStatement* scope, SgInitializedNamePtrList & variableList );
2827 // DQ (3/4/2014): Added support for testing two trees for equivalents using the AST iterators.
2828  bool isStructurallyEquivalentAST( SgNode* tree1, SgNode* tree2 );
2830 // JP (10/14/24): Moved code to evaluate a const integer expression (like in array size definitions) to SageInterface
2833  size_t value_;
2834  bool hasValue_;
2835  };
2839 // JP (9/17/14): Added function to test whether two SgType* are equivalent or not
2840  bool checkTypesAreEqual(SgType *typeA, SgType *typeB);
2842 //--------------------------------Java interface functions ---------------------
2844  ROSE_DLL_API std::string getTempDirectory(SgProject *project);
2845  ROSE_DLL_API void destroyTempDirectory(std::string);
2846  ROSE_DLL_API SgFile *processFile(SgProject *, std::string, bool unparse = false);
2847  ROSE_DLL_API std::string preprocessPackage(SgProject *, std::string);
2848  ROSE_DLL_API std::string preprocessImport(SgProject *, std::string);
2849  ROSE_DLL_API SgFile* preprocessCompilationUnit(SgProject *, std::string, std::string, bool unparse = true);
2850  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDefinition *findJavaPackage(SgScopeStatement *, std::string);
2851  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDefinition *findOrInsertJavaPackage(SgProject *, std::string, bool create_directory = false);
2852  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDeclaration *findOrImportJavaClass(SgProject *, SgClassDefinition *package_definition, std::string);
2853  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDeclaration *findOrImportJavaClass(SgProject *, std::string, std::string);
2854  ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDeclaration *findOrImportJavaClass(SgProject *, SgClassType *);
2855  ROSE_DLL_API SgMemberFunctionDeclaration *findJavaMain(SgClassDefinition *);
2856  ROSE_DLL_API SgMemberFunctionDeclaration *findJavaMain(SgClassType *);
2861 // DQ (8/31/2016): Making this a template function so that we can have it work with user defined filters.
2869 template < class T >
2871  {
2872  // DQ (9/1/2016): This function is called in the Call graph generation to avoid filtering out EDG normalized
2873  // function template instnatiations (which come from normalized template functions and member functions).
2874  // Note that because of the EDG normailzation the membr function is moved outside of the class, and
2875  // thus marked as compiler generated. However the template instantiations are always marked as compiler
2876  // generated (if not specializations) and so we want to include a template instantiation that is marked
2877  // as compiler generated, but is from a template declaration that satisfyied a specific user defined filter.
2878  // The complexity of this detection is isolated here, but knowing that it must be called is more complex.
2879  // This function is call in the CG.C file of tests/nonsmoke/functional/roseTests/programAnalysisTests/testCallGraphAnalysis.
2881  bool retval = false;
2886  printf ("In isNormalizedTemplateInstantiation(): function = %p = %s = %s \n",function,function->class_name().c_str(),function->get_name().str());
2887 #endif
2889  // Test for this to be a template instantation (in which case it was marked as
2890  // compiler generated but we may want to allow it to be used in the call graph,
2891  // if it's template was a part was defined in the current directory).
2892  SgTemplateInstantiationFunctionDecl* templateInstantiationFunction = isSgTemplateInstantiationFunctionDecl(function);
2893  SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl* templateInstantiationMemberFunction = isSgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl(function);
2895  if (templateInstantiationFunction != NULL)
2896  {
2897  // When the defining function has been normalized by EDG, only the non-defining declaration will have a source position.
2898  templateInstantiationFunction = isSgTemplateInstantiationFunctionDecl(templateInstantiationFunction->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration());
2899  SgTemplateFunctionDeclaration* templateFunctionDeclaration = templateInstantiationFunction->get_templateDeclaration();
2900  if (templateFunctionDeclaration != NULL)
2901  {
2902  retval = filter->operator()(templateFunctionDeclaration);
2903  }
2904  else
2905  {
2906  // Assume false.
2907  }
2910  printf (" --- case of templateInstantiationFunction: retval = %s \n",retval ? "true" : "false");
2911 #endif
2912  }
2913  else
2914  {
2915  if (templateInstantiationMemberFunction != NULL)
2916  {
2917  // When the defining function has been normalized by EDG, only the non-defining declaration will have a source position.
2918  templateInstantiationMemberFunction = isSgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl(templateInstantiationMemberFunction->get_firstNondefiningDeclaration());
2919  SgTemplateMemberFunctionDeclaration* templateMemberFunctionDeclaration = templateInstantiationMemberFunction->get_templateDeclaration();
2920  if (templateMemberFunctionDeclaration != NULL)
2921  {
2922  retval = filter->operator()(templateMemberFunctionDeclaration);
2923  }
2924  else
2925  {
2926  // Assume false.
2927  }
2930  printf (" --- case of templateInstantiationMemberFunction: retval = %s \n",retval ? "true" : "false");
2931 #endif
2932  }
2933  }
2935  return retval;
2936  }
2938 void detectCycleInType(SgType * type, const std::string & from);
2940 // DQ (7/14/2020): Debugging support.
2941 void checkForInitializers( SgNode* node );
2943 void clearSharedGlobalScopes(SgProject * project);
2945 }// end of namespace
2949 #endif
std::string extractPragmaKeyword(const SgPragmaDeclaration *)
Extract a SgPragmaDeclaration's leading keyword . For example "#pragma omp parallel" has a keyword of...
ROSE_DLL_API void constantFolding(SgNode *r)
Constant folding an AST subtree rooted at 'r' (replacing its children with their constant values...
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * findSurroundingStatementFromSameFile(SgStatement *targetStmt, bool &surroundingStatementPreceedsTargetStatement)
Supporting function to comment relocation in insertStatement() and removeStatement().
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * findFirstDefiningFunctionDecl(SgScopeStatement *scope)
Find the first defining function declaration statement in a scope.
This class represents the notion of an initializer for a variable declaration or expression in a func...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isCanonicalDoLoop(SgFortranDo *loop, SgInitializedName **ivar, SgExpression **lb, SgExpression **ub, SgExpression **step, SgStatement **body, bool *hasIncrementalIterationSpace, bool *isInclusiveUpperBound)
Check if a Fortran Do loop has a complete canonical form: Do I=1, 10, 1.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_Fortran_and_C_and_Cxx_language()
ROSE_DLL_API size_t getUpcSharedBlockSize(SgModifierType *mod_type)
Get the block size of a UPC shared modifier type.
ROSE_DLL_API void prependStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope=NULL)
Prepend a statement to the beginning of the current scope, handling side effects as appropriate...
This class represents the concept of a scope in C++ (e.g. global scope, fuction scope, etc.).
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementListAfter(SgStatement *targetStmt, const std::vector< SgStatement * > &newStmt)
Insert a list of statements after a target statement.
This class represents the concept of an instantiation of member function template or a member functio...
bool getForLoopInformations(SgForStatement *for_loop, SgVariableSymbol *&iterator, SgExpression *&lower_bound, SgExpression *&upper_bound, SgExpression *&stride)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
A persistent attribute to represent a unique name for an expression.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFile * getEnclosingFileNode(SgNode *astNode)
get the SgFile node from current node
This class represents the concept of a class declaration statement. It includes the concept of an ins...
bool declarationPreceedsDefinition(SgDeclarationStatement *nonDefiningDeclaration, SgDeclarationStatement *definingDeclaration)
Check if a defining declaration comes before of after the non-defining declaration.
SgExprListExp * loopCollapsing(SgForStatement *target_loop, size_t collapsing_factor)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsFalseBodyOfIf(SgIfStmt *ifs, bool createEmptyBody=true)
Check if the false body of a 'if' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not when the flag is tru...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isEquivalentType(const SgType *lhs, const SgType *rhs)
Test for equivalence of types independent of access permissions (private or protected modes for membe...
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getEnclosingStatement(SgNode *n)
Find the closest enclosing statement, including the given node.
std::string generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier(SgDeclarationStatement *declaration)
Generate a useful name to support construction of identifiers from declarations.
bool ROSE_DLL_API isMutable(SgInitializedName *name)
True if an SgInitializedName is "mutable' (has storage modifier set)
ROSE_DLL_API SgScopeStatement * getEnclosingScope(SgNode *n, const bool includingSelf=false)
Get the enclosing scope from a node n.
ROSE_DLL_API bool mergeDeclarationAndAssignment(SgVariableDeclaration *decl, SgExprStatement *assign_stmt, bool removeAssignStmt=true)
Merge a variable assignment statement into a matching variable declaration statement. Callers should make sure the merge is semantically correct (by not introducing compilation errors). This function simply does the merge transformation, without eligibility check.
This class represents the concept of a declaration list.
ROSE_DLL_API bool hasMultipleInitStatmentsOrExpressions(SgForStatement *for_loop)
Check if a for loop uses C99 style initialization statement with multiple expressions like for (int i...
ROSE_DLL_API SgVariableSymbol * getFirstVarSym(SgVariableDeclaration *decl)
Get the variable symbol for the first initialized name of a declaration stmt.
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementBefore(SgStatement *targetStmt, SgStatement *newStmt, bool autoMovePreprocessingInfo=true)
Insert a statement before a target statement.
void fixupReferencesToSymbols(const SgScopeStatement *this_scope, SgScopeStatement *copy_scope, SgCopyHelp &help)
All the symbol table references in the copied AST need to be reset after rebuilding the copied scope'...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcSharedModifierType(SgModifierType *mod_type)
Check if a modifier type is a UPC shared type.
ROSE_DLL_API std::string mangleType(SgType *type)
Generate a mangled string for a given type based on Itanium C++ ABI.
ROSE_DLL_API SgExprStatement * splitVariableDeclaration(SgVariableDeclaration *decl)
Split a variable declaration with an rhs assignment into two statements: a declaration and an assignm...
SgStatement * findLastDeclarationStatement(SgScopeStatement *scope, bool includePragma=false)
Find the last declaration statement within a scope (if any). This is often useful to decide where to ...
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementList(SgStatement *targetStmt, const std::vector< SgStatement * > &newStmts, bool insertBefore=true)
Insert a list of statements before or after the target statement within the.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Fortran_language()
ROSE_DLL_API void removeAllOriginalExpressionTrees(SgNode *top)
Set original expression trees to NULL for SgValueExp or SgCastExp expressions, so you can change the ...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isAddressTaken(SgExpression *refExp)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementListBefore(SgStatement *targetStmt, const std::vector< SgStatement * > &newStmts)
Insert a list of statements before a target statement.
ROSE_DLL_API bool hasTrivialDestructor(SgType *t)
Does a type have a trivial (built-in) destructor?
ROSE_DLL_API void setOneSourcePositionNull(SgNode *node)
Set current node's source position as NULL.
bool isPostfixOperator(SgExpression *exp)
Is an overloaded operator a postfix operator. (e.g. ).
PreprocessingInfo * attachComment(SgSourceFile *source_file, const std::string &content, PreprocessingInfo::DirectiveType directive_type=PreprocessingInfo::C_StyleComment, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position=PreprocessingInfo::before)
Build and attach comment onto the global scope of a source file.
std::string getMangledNameFromCache(SgNode *astNode)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDefinition * getEnclosingFunctionDefinition(SgNode *astNode, const bool includingSelf=false)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDeclaration * getEnclosingClassDeclaration(SgNode *astNode)
Get the closest class declaration enclosing the specified AST node,.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Ada_language()
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfOmpBodyStmt(SgOmpBodyStatement *ompbodyStmt)
Check if the body of a SgOmpBodyStatement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
This class represents the concept of a C or C++ statement which contains a expression.
ROSE_DLL_API SgOmpClauseBodyStatement * findEnclosingOmpClauseBodyStatement(SgStatement *s)
Find enclosing OpenMP clause body statement from s. If s is already one, return it directly...
ROSE_DLL_API AbstractHandle::abstract_handle * buildAbstractHandle(SgNode *)
Build an abstract handle from an AST node, reuse previously built handle when possible.
std::string generateUniqueName(const SgNode *node, bool ignoreDifferenceBetweenDefiningAndNondefiningDeclarations)
Generate unique name from C and C++ constructs. The name may contain space.
ROSE_DLL_API std::string mangleModifierType(SgModifierType *type)
Generated mangled modifier types, include const, volatile,according to Itanium C++ ABI...
ROSE_DLL_API void fixTemplateDeclaration(SgTemplateDeclaration *stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Fix the symbol table and set scope (only if scope in declaration is not already set).
This class represents a source file for a project (which may contian many source files and or directo...
ROSE_DLL_API void removeLabeledGotos(SgNode *top)
Remove labeled goto statements.
This class represents the variable declaration or variable initialization withn a for loop...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isInSubTree(SgExpression *subtree, SgExpression *exp)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementAfter(SgStatement *targetStmt, SgStatement *newStmt, bool autoMovePreprocessingInfo=true)
Insert a statement after a target statement, Move around preprocessing info automatically by default...
ROSE_DLL_API SgMemberFunctionDeclaration * getDefaultConstructor(SgClassDeclaration *classDeclaration)
Get the default constructor from the class declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API bool normalizeForLoopTest(SgForStatement *loop)
Normalize a for loop's test expression ix is normalized to i>= (x...
ROSE_DLL_API void cutPreprocessingInfo(SgLocatedNode *src_node, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType pos, AttachedPreprocessingInfoType &save_buf)
Cut preprocessing information from a source node and save it into a buffer. Used in combination of pa...
void initializeIfStmt(SgIfStmt *ifstmt, SgStatement *conditional, SgStatement *true_body, SgStatement *false_body)
Support function used for variable declarations in conditionals.
Class for traversing the AST.
bool isTemplateInstantiationFromTemplateDeclarationSatisfyingFilter(SgFunctionDeclaration *function, T *filter)
This function detects template instantiations that are relevant when filters are used.
void guardNode(SgLocatedNode *target, std::string guard)
Add preproccessor guard around a given node.
This class represents the rhs of a variable declaration which includes an optional assignment (e...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_language_case_insensitive()
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfSwitch(SgSwitchStatement *ws)
Check if the body of a 'switch' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Java_language()
ROSE_DLL_API bool isLoopIndexVariable(SgInitializedName *ivar, SgNode *subtree_root)
Check if a SgInitializedName is used as a loop index within a AST subtree This function will use a bo...
ROSE_DLL_API void setPragma(SgPragmaDeclaration *decl, SgPragma *pragma)
Set a pragma of a pragma declaration. handle memory release for preexisting pragma, and set parent pointer.
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementBeforeFirstNonDeclaration(SgStatement *newStmt, SgScopeStatement *scope, bool movePreprocessingInfo=true)
Insert a statement before the first non-declaration statement in a scope. If the scope has no non-dec...
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * getFunctionDeclaration(SgFunctionCallExp *functionCallExp)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
This class represents the base class for all types.
SgType * removeConst(SgType *t)
Remove const (if present) from a type. stripType() cannot do this because it removes all modifiers...
void markNodeToBeUnparsed(SgNode *node, int physical_file_id)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
ROSE_DLL_API SgNode * deepCopyNode(const SgNode *subtree)
Deep copy an arbitrary subtree.
This class represents the concept of a do-while statement.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcStrictSharedModifierType(SgModifierType *mode_type)
Check if a shared UPC type is strict memory consistency or not. Return false if it is relaxed...
void printAST2TextFile(SgNode *node, const char *filename, bool printType=true)
Pretty print AST horizontally, output to a specified text file. If printType is set to false...
ROSE_DLL_API bool templateDefinitionIsInClass(SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl *memberFunctionDeclaration)
Return true if template definition is in the class, false if outside of class.
struct const_int_expr_t evaluateConstIntegerExpression(SgExpression *expr)
The function tries to evaluate const integer expressions (such as are used in array dimension sizes)...
ROSE_DLL_API void getLiveVariables(LivenessAnalysis *liv, SgForStatement *loop, std::set< SgInitializedName * > &liveIns, std::set< SgInitializedName * > &liveOuts)
get liveIn and liveOut variables for a for loop from liveness analysis result liv.
This class represents the concept of a class name within the compiler.
SgFunctionDeclaration * findFunctionDeclaration(SgNode *root, std::string name, SgScopeStatement *scope, bool isDefining)
Topdown traverse a subtree from root to find the first function declaration matching the given name...
void printAST(SgNode *node)
Pretty print AST horizontally, output to std output.
ROSE_DLL_API void moveStatementsBetweenBlocks(SgBasicBlock *sourceBlock, SgBasicBlock *targetBlock)
Move statements in first block to the second block (preserves order and rebuilds the symbol table)...
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsTrueBodyOfIf(SgIfStmt *ifs)
Check if the true body of a 'if' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcArrayWithThreads(SgArrayType *t)
Is a UPC array with dimension of X*THREADS.
ROSE_DLL_API bool loopInterchange(SgForStatement *loop, size_t depth, size_t lexicoOrder)
Interchange/permutate a n-level perfectly-nested loop rooted at 'loop' using a lexicographical order ...
ROSE_DLL_API void appendExpressionList(SgExprListExp *, const std::vector< SgExpression * > &)
Append an expression list to a SgExprListExp, set the parent pointers also.
ROSE_DLL_API std::string mangleScalarType(SgType *type)
Generate mangled scalar type names according to Itanium C++ ABI, the input type should pass isScalarT...
Type of label used (fortran only)
ROSE_DLL_API void removeUnusedLabels(SgNode *top, bool keepChild=false)
Remove labels which are not targets of any goto statements: its child statement is also removed by de...
void set_parent(SgNode *parent)
All nodes in the AST contain a reference to a parent node.
void setSourcePositionPointersToNull(SgNode *node)
Set the source code positon for the current (input) node.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isEquivalentFunctionType(const SgFunctionType *lhs, const SgFunctionType *rhs)
Test if two types are equivalent SgFunctionType nodes.
std::vector< SgVariableSymbol * > getSymbolsUsedInExpression(SgExpression *expr)
Find referenced symbols within an expression.
ROSE_DLL_API SgTemplateClassSymbol * lookupTemplateClassSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *templateParameterList, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList *templateArgumentList, SgScopeStatement *cscope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
ROSE_DLL_API void setLhsOperand(SgExpression *target, SgExpression *lhs)
set left hand operand for binary expressions, transparently downcasting target expressions when neces...
This class represents the notion of a declared variable.
ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePositionAtRootAndAllChildren(SgNode *root)
Set the source code positon for the subtree (including the root).
ROSE_DLL_API std::string generateProjectName(const SgProject *project, bool supressSuffix=false)
Added mechanism to generate project name from list of file names.
bool isBodyStatement(SgStatement *s)
Check if a statement is a (true or false) body of a container-like parent, such as For...
ROSE_DLL_API SgVariableSymbol * prependArg(SgFunctionParameterList *, SgInitializedName *)
Prepend an argument to SgFunctionParameterList.
NodeType * deepCopy(const NodeType *subtree)
A template function for deep copying a subtree. It is also used to create deepcopy functions with spe...
This class represents the concept of a member function declaration statement.
This class represents the concept of a C and C++ case option (used within a switch statement)...
SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfDefaultOption(SgDefaultOptionStmt *cs)
Check if the body of a 'default option' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not...
This class represents the concept of a function declaration statement.
ROSE_DLL_API int instrumentEndOfFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration *func, SgStatement *s)
Instrument(Add a statement, often a function call) into a function right before the return points...
void saveToPDF(SgNode *node, std::string filename)
Save AST into a pdf file. Start from a node to find its enclosing file node. The entire file's AST wi...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isOmpStatement(SgNode *)
Check if a node is SgOmp*Statement.
ROSE_DLL_API void convertFunctionDefinitionsToFunctionPrototypes(SgNode *node)
XXX This function operates on the new file used to support outlined function definitions. We use a copy of the file where the code will be outlined FROM, so that if there are references to declarations in the outlined code we can support the outpiled code with those references. This approach has the added advantage of also supporting the same include file tree as the original file where the outlined code is being taken from.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_Fortran_and_Cxx_language()
Interface for creating a statement whose computation writes its answer into a given variable...
ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation & operator=(const DeferredTransformation &X)
Shallow; does not delete fields.
std::string generateUniqueVariableName(SgScopeStatement *scope, std::string baseName="temp")
Generate a name like temp# that is unique in the current scope and any parent and children scopes...
This class represents the concept of a scope in C++ (e.g. global scope, fuction scope, etc.).
SgType * getBoolType(SgNode *n)
Get the right bool type according to C or C++ language input.
ROSE_DLL_API SgSourceFile * getEnclosingSourceFile(SgNode *n, const bool includingSelf=false)
Find enclosing source file node.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Python_language()
bool ROSE_DLL_API isStatic(SgDeclarationStatement *stmt)
Check if a declaration has a "static' modifier.
unsigned long long getIntegerConstantValue(SgValueExp *expr)
Get the constant value from a constant integer expression; abort on everything else.
This class represents the concept of a C and C++ expression list.
void clearScopeNumbers(SgFunctionDefinition *functionDefinition)
Clears the cache of scope,integer pairs for the input function.
ROSE_DLL_API void setStatic(SgDeclarationStatement *stmt)
Set a declaration as static.
ROSE_DLL_API void outputLocalSymbolTables(SgNode *node)
Output the local symbol tables.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcSharedArrayType(SgArrayType *array_type)
Check if an array type is a UPC shared type. ROSE AST represents a UPC shared array as regular array ...
ROSE_DLL_API void printOutComments(SgLocatedNode *locatedNode)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
void checkSymbolTables(SgNode *)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
std::string get_name(const SgNode *node)
Generate a useful name to describe the SgNode.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_binary_executable()
ROSE_DLL_API SgClassSymbol * lookupClassSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList *templateArgumentList=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
std::vector< SgBreakStmt * > findBreakStmts(SgStatement *code, const std::string &fortranLabel="")
Find break statements inside a particular statement, stopping at nested loops or switches.
AncestorNode * ancestor(SgNode *n)
finds an ancestor node with a given type
Definition: sageGeneric.h:1337
ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePositionForTransformation(SgNode *root)
Recursively set source position info(Sg_File_Info) as transformation generated.
ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopCondition(SgScopeStatement *loop, SgStatement *cond)
Set the condition statement of a loop, including While-loop, For-loop, and Do-While-loop.
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getLoopBody(SgScopeStatement *loop)
Routines to get and set the body of a loop.
std::vector< SgFile * > generateFileList()
Returns STL vector of SgFile IR node pointers.
std::string generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier_support(SgDeclarationStatement *declaration)
Global map of name collisions to support generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier() function.
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getPreviousStatement(SgStatement *currentStmt, bool climbOutScope=true)
Get previous statement of the current statement. It may return a previous statement of a parent scope...
ROSE_DLL_API int set_name(SgInitializedName *initializedNameNode, SgName new_name)
set_name of symbol in symbol table.
void changeAllBodiesToBlocks(SgNode *top, bool createEmptyBody=true)
Fix up ifs, loops, while, switch, Catch, OmpBodyStatement, etc. to have blocks as body components...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isPointerType(SgType *t)
Is this type a pointer type? (Handles typedefs correctly)
bool isOverloaded(SgFunctionDeclaration *functionDeclaration)
Return true if function is overloaded.
ROSE_DLL_API SgNode * getSgNodeFromAbstractHandleString(const std::string &input_string)
Obtain a matching SgNode from an abstract handle string.
ROSE_DLL_API void fixStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope)
A wrapper containing fixes (fixVariableDeclaration(),fixStructDeclaration(), fixLabelStatement(), etc) for all kinds statements. Should be used before attaching the statement into AST.
ROSE_DLL_API void deleteExpressionTreeWithOriginalExpressionSubtrees(SgNode *root)
Special purpose function for deleting AST expression tress containing valid original expression trees...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isCopyConstructible(SgType *type)
Is a type copy constructible? This may not quite work properly.
bool ROSE_DLL_API isJovialOutParam(SgInitializedName *name)
True if a parameter name is a Jovial output parameter.
This class represents the base class of a numbr of IR nodes that don't otherwise fit into the existin...
bool isPrefixOperator(SgExpression *exp)
Is an overloaded operator a prefix operator (e.g. address operator X * operator&(), dereference operator X & operator*(), unary plus operator X & operator+(), etc.
ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo * attachArbitraryText(SgLocatedNode *target, const std::string &text, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType position=PreprocessingInfo::before)
Attach an arbitrary string to a located node. A workaround to insert irregular statements or vendor-s...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isStructType(SgType *t)
Check if a type is a struct type (a special SgClassType in ROSE). Typedef and modifier types are not ...
void resetScopeNumbers(SgFunctionDefinition *functionDeclaration)
Assigns unique numbers to each SgScopeStatement of a function.
ROSE_DLL_API void changeBreakStatementsToGotos(SgStatement *loopOrSwitch)
If the given statement contains any break statements in its body, add a new label below the statement...
SgExpression * forallMaskExpression(SgForAllStatement *stmt)
Get the mask expression from the header of a SgForAllStatement.
ROSE_DLL_API void resetModifiedLocatedNodes(const std::set< SgLocatedNode * > &modifiedNodeSet)
Use the set of IR nodes and set the isModified flag in each IR node to true.
ROSE_DLL_API SgSymbol * lookupSymbolInParentScopesIgnoringAliasSymbols(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *templateParameterList=NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList *templateArgumentList=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isSameFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration *func1, SgFunctionDeclaration *func2)
Check if two function declarations refer to the same one. Two function declarations are the same when...
ROSE_DLL_API void convertAllForsToWhiles(SgNode *top)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isConstantTrue(SgExpression *e)
Check if a bool or int constant expression evaluates to be a true value.
SgDeclarationStatement * getNonInstantiatonDeclarationForClass(SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl *memberFunctionInstantiation)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
ROSE_DLL_API void reportModifiedStatements(const std::string &label, SgNode *node)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
ROSE_DLL_API int getDimensionCount(SgType *t)
Get the number of dimensions of an array type.
ROSE_DLL_API ~DeferredTransformation(void)
Copy constructor.
void visit(SgNode *node)
this method is called at every traversed node.
MK: Enum type to store if the directive goes before or after the corresponding line of source code...
void clearMangledNameCache(SgGlobal *globalScope)
Support for faster mangled name generation (caching avoids recomputation).
ROSE_DLL_API SgMemberFunctionDeclaration * getDefaultDestructor(SgClassDeclaration *classDeclaration)
Get the default destructor from the class declaration.
void whereAmI(SgNode *node)
Diagnostic function for tracing back through the parent list to understand at runtime where in the AS...
ROSE_DLL_API SgExprListExp * getEnclosingExprListExp(SgNode *astNode, const bool includingSelf=false)
Get the enclosing SgExprListExp (used as part of function argument index evaluation in subexpressions...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isStrictIntegerType(SgType *t)
Check if a type is an integral type, only allowing signed/unsigned short, int, long, long long. /! /! There is another similar function named SgType::isIntegerType(), which allows additional types char, wchar, and bool to be treated as integer types.
SgBasicBlock * makeSingleStatementBodyToBlock(SgStatement *singleStmt)
Make a single statement body to be a basic block. Its parent is if, while, catch, or upc_forall etc...
SgType * getDeclaredType(const SgDeclarationStatement *declaration)
Returns the type introduced by a declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API SgInitializer * getInitializerOfExpression(SgExpression *n)
Get the initializer containing an expression if it is within an initializer.
ROSE_DLL_API void replaceExpression(SgExpression *oldExp, SgExpression *newExp, bool keepOldExp=false)
Replace an expression with another, used for variable reference substitution and others. the old expression can be deleted (default case) or kept.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_OpenMP_language()
ROSE_DLL_API void moveUpPreprocessingInfo(SgStatement *stmt_dst, SgStatement *stmt_src, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType src_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType dst_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, bool usePrepend=false)
Identical to movePreprocessingInfo(), except for the stale name and confusing order of parameters...
This class represents the notion of an expression. Expressions are derived from SgLocatedNodes, since similar to statement, expressions have a concrete location within the user's source code.
ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo * findHeader(SgSourceFile *source_file, const std::string &header_file_name, bool isSystemHeader)
Find the preprocessingInfo node representing #include or #include "header.h" within a source file. Return NULL if not found.
ROSE_DLL_API std::set< SgNode * > getFrontendSpecificNodes()
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API SgNonrealSymbol * lookupNonrealSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *templateParameterList=NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList *templateArgumentList=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_UPC_language()
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfUpcForAll(SgUpcForAllStatement *fs)
Check if the body of a 'upc_forall' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
void outputGlobalFunctionTypeSymbolTable()
Output function type symbols in global function type symbol table.
ROSE_DLL_API bool insideSystemHeader(SgLocatedNode *node)
Set source position info(Sg_File_Info) as transformation generated for all SgNodes in memory pool...
std::vector< NodeType * > querySubTree(SgNode *top, VariantT variant=(VariantT) NodeType::static_variant)
Query a subtree to get all nodes of a given type, with an appropriate downcast.
std::vector< SgContinueStmt * > findContinueStmts(SgStatement *code, const std::string &fortranLabel="")
Find all continue statements inside a particular statement, stopping at nested loops.
void setBaseTypeDefiningDeclaration(SgVariableDeclaration *var_decl, SgDeclarationStatement *base_decl)
a better version for SgVariableDeclaration::set_baseTypeDefininingDeclaration(), handling all side ef...
ROSE_DLL_API bool templateArgumentListEquivalence(const SgTemplateArgumentPtrList &list1, const SgTemplateArgumentPtrList &list2)
Verify that 2 SgTemplateArgumentPtrList are equivalent.
const SgInitializedNamePtrList & get_args() const
Access function for p_args.
ROSE_DLL_API SgGlobal * getGlobalScope(const SgNode *astNode)
Traverse back through a node's parents to find the enclosing global scope.
ROSE_DLL_API bool mergeAssignmentWithDeclaration(SgExprStatement *assign_stmt, SgVariableDeclaration *decl, bool removeAssignStmt=true)
Merge an assignment into its upstream declaration statement. Callers should make sure the merge is se...
This class represents the concept of a name within the compiler.
T * findDeclarationStatement(SgNode *root, std::string name, SgScopeStatement *scope, bool isDefining)
Topdown traverse a subtree from root to find the first declaration given its name, scope (optional, can be NULL), and defining or nondefining flag.
ROSE_DLL_API SgInitializedName * convertRefToInitializedName(SgNode *current, bool coarseGrain=true)
Variable references can be introduced by SgVarRef, SgPntrArrRefExp, SgInitializedName, SgMemberFunctionRef etc. For Dot and Arrow Expressions, their lhs is used to obtain SgInitializedName (coarse grain) by default. Otherwise, fine-grain rhs is used.
ROSE_DLL_API std::vector< SgFunctionDeclaration * > generateFunctionDefinitionsList(SgNode *node)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
void dumpPreprocInfo(SgLocatedNode *locatedNode)
Dumps a located node's preprocessing information.
bool isAssignmentStatement(SgNode *_s, SgExpression **lhs=NULL, SgExpression **rhs=NULL, bool *readlhs=NULL)
Check if a SgNode _s is an assignment statement (any of =,+=,-=,&=,/=, ^=, etc)
ROSE_DLL_API void replaceSubexpressionWithStatement(SgExpression *from, SageInterface::StatementGenerator *to)
Similar to replaceExpressionWithStatement, but with more restrictions.
ROSE_DLL_API SgVariableSymbol * lookupVariableSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
SgCommaOpExp * insertBeforeUsingCommaOp(SgExpression *new_exp, SgExpression *anchor_exp)
Insert an expression (new_exp )before another expression (anchor_exp) has possible side effects...
Supporting class from copy mechanism within ROSE.
Definition: Cxx_Grammar.h:9538
ROSE_DLL_API void setSourcePosition(SgNode *node)
Set the source code positon for the current (input) node.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isPureVirtualClass(SgType *type, const ClassHierarchyWrapper &classHierarchy)
Check if a class type is a pure virtual class.
ROSE_DLL_API void removeStatement(SgStatement *stmt, bool autoRelocatePreprocessingInfo=true)
Remove a statement from its attach point of the AST. Automatically keep its associated preprocessing ...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUseByAddressVariableRef(SgVarRefExp *ref)
Check if a variable reference is used by its address: including &a expression and foo(a) when type2 f...
ROSE_DLL_API SgGlobal * getFirstGlobalScope(SgProject *project)
return the first global scope under current project
Base class for all IR node attribute values.
ROSE_DLL_API void replaceExpressionWithStatement(SgExpression *from, SageInterface::StatementGenerator *to)
Replace a given expression with a list of statements produced by a generator.
ROSE_DLL_API void fixStructDeclaration(SgClassDeclaration *structDecl, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Fix symbols, parent and scope pointers. Used internally within appendStatment(), insertStatement() et...
ROSE_DLL_API SgType * getFirstVarType(SgVariableDeclaration *decl)
Get the data type of the first initialized name of a declaration statement.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcSharedType(SgType *t, SgModifierType **mod_type_out=NULL)
Check if a type is a UPC shared type, including shared array, shared pointers etc. Exclude private pointers to shared types. Optionally return the modifier type with the UPC shared property.
ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopBody(SgScopeStatement *loop, SgStatement *body)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
ROSE_DLL_API int collectVariableReferencesInArrayTypes(SgLocatedNode *root, Rose_STL_Container< SgNode * > &currentVarRefList)
Collect variable references in array types. The default NodeQuery::querySubTree() will miss variables...
void checkAccessPermissions(SgNode *)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
This class represents the concept of a class definition in C++.
This class represents strings within the IR nodes.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isMemberFunctionMemberReference(SgMemberFunctionRefExp *memberFunctionRefExp)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
SgCommaOpExp * insertAfterUsingCommaOp(SgExpression *new_exp, SgExpression *anchor_exp, SgStatement **temp_decl=NULL, SgVarRefExp **temp_ref=NULL)
Insert an expression (new_exp ) after another expression (anchor_exp) has possible side effects...
void resetMangledNameCache(SgGlobal *globalScope)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfWhile(SgWhileStmt *ws)
Check if the body of a 'while' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
ROSE_DLL_API bool collectReadWriteVariables(SgStatement *stmt, std::set< SgInitializedName * > &readVars, std::set< SgInitializedName * > &writeVars, bool coarseGrain=true)
Collect unique variables which are read or written within a statement. Note that a variable can be bo...
ROSE_DLL_API size_t getArrayElementCount(SgArrayType *t)
Calculate the number of elements of an array type: dim1* dim2*... , assume element count is 1 for int...
ROSE_DLL_API void moveCommentsToNewStatement(SgStatement *sourceStatement, const std::vector< int > &indexList, SgStatement *targetStatement, bool surroundingStatementPreceedsTargetStatement)
Relocate comments and CPP directives from one statement to another.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isMain(const SgNode *node)
Check if a SgNode is a main() function declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API void displayScope(SgScopeStatement *scope)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API void setExtern(SgDeclarationStatement *stmt)
Set a declaration as extern.
ROSE_DLL_API void replaceStatement(SgStatement *oldStmt, SgStatement *newStmt, bool movePreprocessinInfo=false)
Replace a statement with another. Move preprocessing information from oldStmt to newStmt if requested...
std::vector< SgStatement * > getSwitchCases(SgSwitchStatement *sw)
Query a subtree to get all nodes of a given type, with an appropriate downcast.
void setSourcePositionAsTransformation(SgNode *node)
DQ (5/1/2012): New function with improved name.
bool isPrototypeInScope(SgScopeStatement *scope, SgFunctionDeclaration *functionDeclaration, SgDeclarationStatement *startingAtDeclaration)
Assigns unique numbers to each SgScopeStatement of a function.
Functions that are useful when operating on the AST.
Definition: sageBuilder.h:25
static ROSE_DLL_API DeferredTransformation replaceDefiningFunctionDeclarationWithFunctionPrototype(SgFunctionDeclaration *functionDeclaration)
ROSE_DLL_API bool doLoopNormalization(SgFortranDo *loop)
Normalize a Fortran Do loop. Make the default increment expression (1) explicit.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isConstantFalse(SgExpression *e)
Check if a bool or int constant expression evaluates to be a false value.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isExtern(SgDeclarationStatement *stmt)
Check if a declaration has an "extern" modifier.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * findMain(SgNode *currentNode)
top-down traversal from current node to find the main() function declaration
ROSE_DLL_API SgInitializedName * getFirstInitializedName(SgVariableDeclaration *decl)
Get the first initialized name of a declaration statement.
ROSE_DLL_API SgType * lookupNamedTypeInParentScopes(const std::string &type_name, SgScopeStatement *scope=NULL)
Lookup a named type based on its name, bottomup searching from a specified scope. Note name collison ...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_UPC_dynamic_threads()
ROSE_DLL_API void translateScopeToUseCppDeclarations(SgScopeStatement *scope)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
ROSE_DLL_API void cleanupNontransformedBasicBlockNode()
Remove unused basic block IR nodes added as part of normalization.
ROSE_DLL_API void setOperand(SgExpression *target, SgExpression *operand)
Set operands for expressions with single operand, such as unary expressions. handle file info...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isVolatileType(SgType *t)
Is this a volatile type?
ROSE_DLL_API SgAssignInitializer * splitExpression(SgExpression *from, std::string newName="")
Replace an expression with a temporary variable and an assignment statement.
ROSE_DLL_API void setFortranNumericLabel(SgStatement *stmt, int label_value, SgLabelSymbol::label_type_enum label_type=SgLabelSymbol::e_start_label_type, SgScopeStatement *label_scope=NULL)
Set a numerical label for a Fortran statement. The statement should have a enclosing function definit...
std::pair< SgVariableDeclaration *, SgExpression * > createTempVariableForExpression(SgExpression *expression, SgScopeStatement *scope, bool initializeInDeclaration, SgAssignOp **reEvaluate=NULL)
Given an expression, generates a temporary variable whose initializer optionally evaluates that expre...
ROSE_DLL_API std::set< SgStatement * > collectModifiedStatements(SgNode *node)
This collects the statements that are marked as modified (a flag automatically set by all set_* gener...
ROSE_DLL_API void ReductionRecognition(SgForStatement *loop, std::set< std::pair< SgInitializedName *, OmpSupport::omp_construct_enum > > &results)
Recognize and collect reduction variables and operations within a C/C++ loop, following OpenMP 3...
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getLoopCondition(SgScopeStatement *loop)
Routines to get the condition of a loop. It recognize While-loop, For-loop, and Do-While-loop.
This class represents the concept of a namespace name within the compiler.
ROSE_DLL_API bool hasSameGlobalScope(SgStatement *statement_1, SgStatement *statement_2)
This is supporting the recognition of functions in header files from two different ASTs...
ROSE_DLL_API void fixFunctionDeclaration(SgFunctionDeclaration *stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Fix the symbol table and set scope (only if scope in declaration is not already set).
SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfCaseOption(SgCaseOptionStmt *cs)
Check if the body of a 'case option' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
ROSE_DLL_API SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl * buildForwardFunctionDeclaration(SgTemplateInstantiationMemberFunctionDecl *memberFunctionInstantiation)
Generate a non-defining (forward) declaration from a defining function declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API std::list< SgClassType * > getClassTypeChainForMemberReference(SgExpression *refExp)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
This class represents the base class for all IR nodes within Sage III.
Definition: Cxx_Grammar.h:9737
This class represents the concept of a catch within a try-catch construct used in C++ exception handl...
void markSubtreeToBeUnparsed(SgNode *root, int physical_file_id)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
This class represents the notion of an value (expression value).
std::vector< SgInitializedName * > getInParameters(const SgInitializedNamePtrList &params)
Get a vector of Jovial input parameters from the function parameter list (may work for Fortran in the...
This class represents the concept of a variable name within the compiler (a shared container for the ...
This class represents the concept of an instantiation of function template.
bool isPrefixOperatorName(const SgName &functionName)
Check for proper names of possible prefix operators (used in isPrefixOperator()). ...
ROSE_DLL_API std::set< SgStatement * > collectTransformedStatements(SgNode *node)
This collects the statements that are marked as transformed (useful in debugging).
NodeType * getEnclosingNode(const SgNode *astNode, const bool includingSelf=false)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Jovial_language()
ROSE_DLL_API void collectReadOnlySymbols(SgStatement *stmt, std::set< SgVariableSymbol * > &readOnlySymbols, bool coarseGrain=true)
Collect read only variable symbols within a statement. The statement can be either of a function...
ROSE_DLL_API void moveForStatementIncrementIntoBody(SgForStatement *f)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
SgTemplateMemberFunctionDeclaration * get_templateDeclaration() const
Returns pointer to SgTemplateDeclaration from which instantiation is generated.
std::vector< SgDeclarationStatement * > getDependentDeclarations(SgStatement *stmt)
Get a statement's dependent declarations which declares the types used in the statement. The returned vector of declaration statements are sorted according to their appearance order in the original AST. Any reference to a class or template class from a namespace will treated as a reference to the enclosing namespace.
ROSE_DLL_API void prependStatementList(const std::vector< SgStatement * > &stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope=NULL)
prepend a list of statements to the beginning of the current scope, handling side effects as appropri...
ROSE_DLL_API SgClassDefinition * getEnclosingClassDefinition(SgNode *astnode, const bool includingSelf=false)
Get the closest class definition enclosing the specified AST node,.
std::map< std::string, SgNode * > local_name_to_node_map
Global map of name collisions to support generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier() function.
ROSE_DLL_API void replaceVariableReferences(SgVariableSymbol *old_sym, SgVariableSymbol *new_sym, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Replace all variable references to an old symbol in a scope to being references to a new symbol...
SgStatement * lastStatementOfScopeWithTokenInfo(SgScopeStatement *scope, std::map< SgNode *, TokenStreamSequenceToNodeMapping * > &tokenStreamSequenceMap)
Used to support token unparsing (when the output the trailing token sequence).
ROSE_DLL_API bool unnormalizeForLoopInitDeclaration(SgForStatement *loop)
Undo the normalization of for loop's C99 init declaration. Previous record of normalization is used t...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_OpenCL_language()
ROSE_DLL_API bool normalizeForLoopInitDeclaration(SgForStatement *loop)
Normalize loop init stmt by promoting the single variable declaration statement outside of the for lo...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isLastStatement(SgStatement *stmt)
Check if a statement is the last statement within its closed scope.
ROSE_DLL_API SgType * getAssociatedTypeFromFunctionTypeList(SgExpression *actual_argument_expression)
Get the type of the associated argument expression from the function type.
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfFor(SgForStatement *fs)
Check if the body of a 'for' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
std::vector< SgExpression * > get_C_array_dimensions(const SgArrayType &arrtype)
returns the array dimensions in an array as defined for arrtype
This class represents the concept of a block (not a basic block from control flow analysis)...
ROSE_DLL_API std::vector< SgC_PreprocessorDirectiveStatement * > translateStatementToUseCppDeclarations(SgStatement *statement, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
This class represents the concept of a C++ namespace declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDefinition * getEnclosingProcedure(SgNode *n, const bool includingSelf=false)
Find the function definition.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * getEnclosingFunctionDeclaration(SgNode *astNode, const bool includingSelf=false)
Find the enclosing function declaration, including its derived instances like isSgProcedureHeaderStat...
This class represents the notion of a statement.
For preprocessing information including source comments, #include , #if, #define, etc...
ROSE_DLL_API void pastePreprocessingInfo(SgLocatedNode *dst_node, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType pos, AttachedPreprocessingInfoType &saved_buf)
Paste preprocessing information from a buffer to a destination node. Used in combination of cutPrepro...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_C_language()
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * lastFrontEndSpecificStatement(SgGlobal *globalScope)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
This class represents the concept of a namespace definition.
This class represents the concept of a for loop.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isStructDeclaration(SgNode *node)
Check if a SgNode is a declaration for a structure.
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getLastStatement(SgScopeStatement *scope)
get the last statement within a scope, return NULL if it does not exit
void clearUnusedVariableSymbols(SgNode *root=NULL)
Clear those variable symbols with unknown type (together with initialized names) which are also not r...
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfDoWhile(SgDoWhileStmt *ws)
Check if the body of a 'do .. while' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
ROSE_DLL_API bool skipTranslateToUseCppDeclaration(PreprocessingInfo *currentPreprocessingInfo)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
ROSE_DLL_API void resetInternalMapsForTargetStatement(SgStatement *sourceStatement)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
SgDeclarationStatement * get_definingDeclaration() const
This is an access function for the SgDeclarationStatement::p_definingDeclaration data member (see tha...
ROSE_DLL_API void recordNormalizations(SgStatement *s)
Record where normalization have been done so that we can preform denormalizations as required for the...
ROSE_DLL_API SgInitializedName * getLoopIndexVariable(SgNode *loop)
Return the loop index variable for a for loop.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUnionDeclaration(SgNode *node)
Check if a SgNode is a declaration for a union.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_X10_language()
ROSE_DLL_API bool statementCanBeTransformed(SgStatement *stmt)
If header file unparsing and token-based unparsing are used, then some statements in header files use...
This class represents a type for all functions.
void annotateExpressionsWithUniqueNames(SgProject *project)
Generate unique names for expressions and attach the names as persistent attributes ("UniqueNameAttri...
SgInitializedName & getFirstVariable(SgVariableDeclaration &vardecl)
convenience function that returns the first initialized name in a list of variable declarations...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isCallToParticularFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration *decl, SgExpression *e)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
This class represents the concept of a namespace definition.
ROSE_DLL_API void moveVariableDeclaration(SgVariableDeclaration *decl, SgScopeStatement *target_scope)
Move a variable declaration to a new scope, handle symbol, special scopes like For loop...
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * copyStatement(SgStatement *s)
Deep copy a statement.
void addMessageStatement(SgStatement *stmt, std::string message)
Function to add "C" style comment to statement.
ROSE_DLL_API SgBasicBlock * ensureBasicBlockAsBodyOfCatch(SgCatchOptionStmt *cos)
Check if the body of a 'catch' statement is a SgBasicBlock, create one if not.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isScalarType(SgType *t)
Is this a scalar type?
This class represents the concept of a C Assembler statement (untested).
ROSE_DLL_API void appendExpression(SgExprListExp *, SgExpression *)
Append an expression to a SgExprListExp, set the parent pointer also.
ROSE_DLL_API void updateDefiningNondefiningLinks(SgFunctionDeclaration *func, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Update defining and nondefining links due to a newly introduced function declaration. Should be used after inserting the function into a scope.
ROSE_DLL_API bool hasUpcSharedType(SgType *t, SgModifierType **mod_type_out=NULL)
Has a UPC shared type of any kinds (shared-to-shared, private-to-shared, shared-to-private, shared scalar/array)? An optional parameter, mod_type_out, stores the first SgModifierType with UPC access information.
bool isIndexOperator(SgExpression *exp)
Is an overloaded operator an index operator (also referred to as call or subscript operators)...
ROSE_DLL_API bool hasSimpleChildrenList(SgScopeStatement *scope)
Check if a scope statement has a simple children statement list so insert additional statements under...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isNonconstReference(SgType *t)
Is this type a non-constant reference type? (Handles typedefs correctly)
This class represents the concept of a C or C++ default case within a switch statement.
ROSE_DLL_API bool templateArgumentEquivalence(SgTemplateArgument *arg1, SgTemplateArgument *arg2)
Verify that 2 SgTemplateArgument are equivalent (same type, same expression, or same template declara...
This class represents the concept of an "if" construct.
ROSE_DLL_API SgSymbol * lookupSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *templateParameterList=NULL, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList *templateArgumentList=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
void recursivePrintCurrentAndParent(SgNode *n)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
to specify a construct using a specifier Can be used alone or with parent handles when relative speci...
ROSE_DLL_API void fixVariableDeclaration(SgVariableDeclaration *varDecl, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Patch up symbol, scope, and parent information when a SgVariableDeclaration's scope is known...
ROSE_DLL_API void outputFileIds(SgNode *node)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
virtual std::string class_name() const
returns a string representing the class name
ROSE_DLL_API void deleteAST(SgNode *node)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
std::vector< SgGotoStatement * > findGotoStmts(SgStatement *scope, SgLabelStatement *l)
Query a subtree to get all nodes of a given type, with an appropriate downcast.
virtual std::vector< SgNode * > get_traversalSuccessorContainer()
container of pointers to AST successor nodes used in the traversal overridden in every class by gener...
ROSE_DLL_API SgScopeStatement * getScope(const SgNode *astNode)
Get the closest scope from astNode. Return astNode if it is already a scope.
void setParameterList(actualFunction *func, SgFunctionParameterList *paralist)
Set parameter list for a function declaration, considering existing parameter list etc...
This class represents the concept of a template declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API void fixClassDeclaration(SgClassDeclaration *classDecl, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Fix symbols, parent and scope pointers. Used internally within appendStatment(), insertStatement() et...
ROSE_DLL_API bool forLoopNormalization(SgForStatement *loop, bool foldConstant=true)
Normalize a for loop, return true if successful.
ROSE_DLL_API SgNamespaceSymbol * lookupNamespaceSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isLambdaCapturedVariable(SgVarRefExp *varRef)
check if a variable reference is this->a[i] inside of a lambda function
ROSE_DLL_API SgScopeStatement * findEnclosingLoop(SgStatement *s, const std::string &fortranLabel="", bool stopOnSwitches=false)
Find the closest loop outside the given statement; if fortranLabel is not empty, the Fortran label of...
This class represents the notion of an expression or statement which has a position within the source...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isReferenceType(SgType *t)
Is this type a const or non-const reference type? (Handles typedefs correctly)
This class represents template argument within the use of a template to build an instantiation.
ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatement(SgStatement *stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope=NULL)
Append a statement to the end of the current scope, handle side effect of appending statements...
This class represents the variable refernece in expressions.
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementAfterLastDeclaration(SgStatement *stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Insert a statement after the last declaration within a scope. The statement will be prepended to the ...
This class represents the concept of a do-while statement.
ROSE_DLL_API std::vector< SgNode * > astIntersection(SgNode *original, SgNode *copy, SgCopyHelp *help=NULL)
Compute the intersection set for two ASTs.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcPrivateToSharedType(SgType *t)
Is a UPC private-to-shared pointer? SgPointerType comes first compared to SgModifierType with UPC inf...
void initializeSwitchStatement(SgSwitchStatement *switchStatement, SgStatement *item_selector, SgStatement *body)
Support function used for variable declarations in conditionals.
ROSE_DLL_API int fixVariableReferences(SgNode *root, bool cleanUnusedSymbol=true)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
std::map< std::string, int > local_name_collision_map
Global map of name collisions to support generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier() function.
ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopUpperBound(SgNode *loop, SgExpression *ub)
Set the upper bound of a loop header,regardless the condition expression type. for (i=lb; i op up...
ROSE_DLL_API std::set< SgLabelStatement * > findUnusedLabels(SgNode *top)
Find unused labels which are not targets of any goto statements.
ROSE_DLL_API SgEnumSymbol * lookupEnumSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
std::vector< SgInitializedName * > getOutParameters(const SgInitializedNamePtrList &params)
Get a vector of Jovial output parameters from the function parameter list (may work for Fortran in th...
ROSE_DLL_API std::set< SgLocatedNode * > collectModifiedLocatedNodes(SgNode *node)
This collects the SgLocatedNodes that are marked as modified (a flag automatically set by all set_* g...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isDefaultConstructible(SgType *type)
Is a type default constructible? This may not quite work properly.
ROSE_DLL_API void wrapAllTemplateInstantiationsInAssociatedNamespaces(SgProject *root)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
ROSE_DLL_API void convertForToWhile(SgForStatement *f)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
ROSE_DLL_API SgTypedefSymbol * lookupTypedefSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
ROSE_DLL_API bool loopTiling(SgForStatement *loopNest, size_t targetLevel, size_t tileSize)
Tile the n-level (starting from 1) loop of a perfectly nested loop nest using tiling size s...
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * buildFunctionPrototype(SgFunctionDeclaration *functionDeclaration)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
Base class for values.
ROSE_DLL_API bool mergeDeclarationWithAssignment(SgVariableDeclaration *decl, SgExprStatement *assign_stmt)
Merge a declaration statement into a matching followed variable assignment. Callers should make sure ...
void computeUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier(SgNode *astNode)
Traversal to set the global map of names to node and node to names.collisions to support generateUniq...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isAssignable(SgType *type)
Is a type assignable? This may not quite work properly.
ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopLowerBound(SgNode *loop, SgExpression *lb)
Set the lower bound of a loop header for (i=lb; ...)
ROSE_DLL_API SgProject * getProject()
Get the current SgProject IR Node.
This class represents the member function being called and must be assembled in the SgFunctionCall wi...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_PHP_language()
ROSE_DLL_API bool normalizeForLoopIncrement(SgForStatement *loop)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
ROSE_DLL_API void splitExpressionIntoBasicBlock(SgExpression *expr)
Split long expressions into blocks of statements.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionType * findFunctionType(SgType *return_type, SgFunctionParameterTypeList *typeList)
Find the function type matching a function signature plus a given return type.
void initializeWhileStatement(SgWhileStmt *whileStatement, SgStatement *condition, SgStatement *body, SgStatement *else_body)
Support function used for variable declarations in conditionals.
void addVarRefExpFromArrayDimInfo(SgNode *astNode, Rose_STL_Container< SgNode * > &NodeList_t)
Find all SgPntrArrRefExp under astNode, then add SgVarRefExp (if any) of SgPntrArrRefExp's dim_info i...
ROSE_DLL_API void removeConsecutiveLabels(SgNode *top)
Remove consecutive labels.
bool IsClass(const SgType *const inputType)
strip off typedef and modifer types, then check if a type is a class type, excluding union type...
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionDeclaration * replaceDefiningFunctionDeclarationWithFunctionPrototype(SgFunctionDeclaration *functionDeclaration)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
ROSE_DLL_API void setOneSourcePositionForTransformation(SgNode *root)
Set current node's source position as transformation generated.
ROSE_DLL_API void moveDeclarationToAssociatedNamespace(SgDeclarationStatement *declarationStatement)
Relocate the declaration to be explicitly represented in its associated namespace (required for some ...
ROSE_DLL_API void setRhsOperand(SgExpression *target, SgExpression *rhs)
set left hand operand for binary expression
SgNode * get_parent() const
Access function for parent node.
ROSE_DLL_API void myRemoveStatement(SgStatement *stmt)
A special purpose statement removal function, originally from inlinerSupport.h, Need Jeremiah's atten...
bool functionCallExpressionPreceedsDeclarationWhichAssociatesScope(SgFunctionCallExp *functionCall)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
ROSE_DLL_API int suggestNextNumericLabel(SgFunctionDefinition *func_def)
Suggest next usable (non-conflicting) numeric label value for a Fortran function definition scope...
ROSE_DLL_API int gensym_counter
An internal counter for generating unique SgName.
ROSE_DLL_API void outputSharedNodes(SgNode *node)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isEqualToIntConst(SgExpression *e, int value)
Check if a SgIntVal node has a given value.
ROSE_DLL_API void setLoopStride(SgNode *loop, SgExpression *stride)
Set the stride(step) of a loop 's incremental expression, regardless the expression types (i+=s; i= i...
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getFirstStatement(SgScopeStatement *scope, bool includingCompilerGenerated=false)
Get the first statement within a scope, return NULL if it does not exist. Skip compiler-generated sta...
ROSE_DLL_API void changeContinuesToGotos(SgStatement *stmt, SgLabelStatement *label)
Change continue statements in a given block of code to gotos to a label.
ROSE_DLL_API SgSwitchStatement * findEnclosingSwitch(SgStatement *s)
Find the closest switch outside a given statement (normally used for case and default statements) ...
ROSE_DLL_API bool addDefaultConstructorIfRequired(SgClassType *classType, int physical_file_id=Sg_File_Info::TRANSFORMATION_FILE_ID)
Get the default destructor from the class declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Cxx_language()
ROSE_DLL_API bool isDataMemberReference(SgVarRefExp *varRefExp)
Find a node by type using upward traversal.
ROSE_DLL_API bool language_may_contain_nondeclarations_in_scope()
void rebuildSymbolTable(SgScopeStatement *scope)
Regenerate the symbol table.
ROSE_DLL_API void collectUseByAddressVariableRefs(const SgStatement *s, std::set< SgVarRefExp * > &varSetB)
Collect variable references involving use by address: including &a expression and foo(a) when type2 f...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isConstType(SgType *t)
Is this a const type?
ROSE_DLL_API LivenessAnalysis * call_liveness_analysis(SgProject *project, bool debug=false)
Call liveness analysis on an entire project.
SgFunctionDeclaration * getDeclarationOfNamedFunction(SgExpression *func)
Given a SgExpression that represents a named function (or bound member function), return the mentione...
ROSE_DLL_API PreprocessingInfo * insertHeader(SgSourceFile *source_file, const std::string &header_file_name, bool isSystemHeader, bool asLastHeader)
Insert #include "filename" or #include (system header) onto the global scope of a source f...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isRestrictType(SgType *t)
Is this a restrict type?
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_C99_language()
This class represents a source project, with a list of SgFile objects and global information about th...
ROSE_DLL_API SgStatement * getNextStatement(SgStatement *currentStmt)
Get next statement within the same scope of current statement.
ROSE_DLL_API SgType * getElementType(SgType *t)
Get the element type of an array, pointer or string, or NULL if not applicable. This function only ch...
ROSE_DLL_API void fixLabelStatement(SgLabelStatement *label_stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Fix symbol table for SgLabelStatement. Used Internally when the label is built without knowing its ta...
ROSE_DLL_API void movePreprocessingInfo(SgStatement *stmt_src, SgStatement *stmt_dst, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType src_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, PreprocessingInfo::RelativePositionType dst_position=PreprocessingInfo::undef, bool usePrepend=false)
Move preprocessing information of stmt_src to stmt_dst, Only move preprocessing information from the ...
ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatementWithDependentDeclaration(SgDeclarationStatement *decl, SgGlobal *scope, SgStatement *original_statement, bool excludeHeaderFiles)
Append a copy ('decl') of a function ('original_statement') into a 'scope', include any referenced de...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isLambdaFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration *func)
Check if a function declaration is a C++11 lambda function.
ROSE_DLL_API SgVariableSymbol * appendArg(SgFunctionParameterList *, SgInitializedName *)
Append an argument to SgFunctionParameterList, transparently set parent,scope, and symbols for argume...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isTemplateInstantiationNode(SgNode *node)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_Fortran_and_C_language()
SgNamespaceDefinitionStatement * enclosingNamespaceScope(SgDeclarationStatement *declaration)
Find the enclosing namespace of a declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_CAF_language()
ROSE_DLL_API void removeJumpsToNextStatement(SgNode *)
Remove jumps whose label is immediately after the jump. Used to clean up inlined code fragments...
ROSE_DLL_API void translateToUseCppDeclarations(SgNode *n)
Connect variable reference to the right variable symbols when feasible, return the number of referenc...
ROSE_DLL_API bool insideHeader(SgLocatedNode *node)
Check if a node is from a header file.
void collectVarRefs(SgLocatedNode *root, std::vector< SgVarRefExp * > &result)
Collect all variable references in a subtree.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isCanonicalForLoop(SgNode *loop, SgInitializedName **ivar=NULL, SgExpression **lb=NULL, SgExpression **ub=NULL, SgExpression **step=NULL, SgStatement **body=NULL, bool *hasIncrementalIterationSpace=NULL, bool *isInclusiveUpperBound=NULL)
Check if a for-loop has a canonical form, return loop index, bounds, step, and body if requested...
ROSE_DLL_API void deepDelete(SgNode *root)
Deep delete a sub AST tree. It uses postorder traversal to delete each child node. Users must take care of any dangling pointers, symbols or types that result. This is identical to deleteAST()
std::string declarationPositionString(const SgDeclarationStatement *declaration)
Generate a unique string from the source file position information.
This class represents the concept of a C or C++ variable declaration.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol * lookupFunctionSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &functionName, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
look up the first matched function symbol in parent scopes given only a function name, starting from top of ScopeStack if currentscope is not given or NULL
ROSE_DLL_API std::vector< SgDeclarationStatement * > sortSgNodeListBasedOnAppearanceOrderInSource(const std::vector< SgDeclarationStatement * > &nodevec)
Reorder a list of declaration statements based on their appearance order in source files...
std::map< SgNode *, std::string > local_node_to_name_map
Global map of name collisions to support generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier() function.
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol * lookupTemplateMemberFunctionSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &functionName, SgFunctionType *ftype, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *tplparams, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
Represents an interpretation of a binary container.
std::pair< SgStatement *, SgInitializedName * > wrapFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration &definingDeclaration, SgName newName)
moves the body of a function f to a new function f; f's body is replaced with code that forwards the ...
This class represents the concept of a C or C++ label statement.
ROSE_DLL_API void appendStatementList(const std::vector< SgStatement * > &stmt, SgScopeStatement *scope=NULL)
Append a list of statements to the end of the current scope, handle side effect of appending statemen...
ROSE_DLL_API bool isPointerToNonConstType(SgType *type)
Is this a pointer to a non-const type? Note that this function will return true for const pointers po...
SgDeclarationStatement * get_firstNondefiningDeclaration() const
This is an access function for the SgDeclarationStatement::p_firstNondefiningDeclaration data member ...
ROSE_DLL_API void dumpInfo(SgNode *node, std::string desc="")
Dump information about a SgNode for debugging.
ROSE_DLL_API void addTextForUnparser(SgNode *astNode, std::string s, AstUnparseAttribute::RelativePositionType inputlocation)
Add a string to be unparsed to support code generation for back-end specific tools or compilers...
ROSE_DLL_API void fixNamespaceDeclaration(SgNamespaceDeclarationStatement *structDecl, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Fix symbols, parent and scope pointers. Used internally within appendStatment(), insertStatement() et...
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatement(SgStatement *targetStmt, SgStatement *newStmt, bool insertBefore=true, bool autoMovePreprocessingInfo=true)
Insert a statement before or after the target statement within the target's scope. Move around preprocessing info automatically.
ROSE_DLL_API void collectReadOnlyVariables(SgStatement *stmt, std::set< SgInitializedName * > &readOnlyVars, bool coarseGrain=true)
Collect read only variables within a statement. The statement can be either of a function, a scope, or a single line statement. For accesses to members of aggregate data, we return the coarse grain aggregate mem obj by default.
This class represents the concept of a C++ function call (which is an expression).
void reset_name_collision_map()
Reset map variables used to support generateUniqueNameForUseAsIdentifier() function.
Base class for binary files.
std::pair< SgVariableDeclaration *, SgExpression * > createTempVariableAndReferenceForExpression(SgExpression *expression, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Function to delete AST subtree's nodes only, users must take care of any dangling pointers...
ROSE_DLL_API void addStepToLoopBody(SgScopeStatement *loopStmt, SgStatement *step)
Add a step statement to the end of a loop body Add a new label to the end of the loop, with the step statement after it; then change all continue statements in the old loop body into jumps to the label.
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_Cuda_language()
ROSE_DLL_API SgNode * replaceWithPattern(SgNode *anchor, SgNode *new_pattern)
Replace an anchor node with a specified pattern subtree with optional SgVariantExpression. All SgVariantExpression in the pattern will be replaced with copies of the anchor node.
ROSE_DLL_API SgTemplateVariableSymbol * lookupTemplateVariableSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &name, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *tplparams, SgTemplateArgumentPtrList *tplargs, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
ROSE_DLL_API bool loopUnrolling(SgForStatement *loop, size_t unrolling_factor)
Unroll a target loop with a specified unrolling factor. It handles steps larger than 1 and adds a fri...
std::string addMangledNameToCache(SgNode *astNode, const std::string &mangledName)
Recursively print current and parent nodes. used within gdb to probe the context of a node...
bool ROSE_DLL_API isAncestor(SgNode *node1, SgNode *node2)
check if node1 is a strict ancestor of node 2. (a node is not considered its own ancestor) ...
ROSE_DLL_API SgFunctionSymbol * lookupTemplateFunctionSymbolInParentScopes(const SgName &functionName, SgFunctionType *ftype, SgTemplateParameterPtrList *tplparams, SgScopeStatement *currentScope=NULL)
Find a symbol in current and ancestor scopes for a given variable name, starting from top of ScopeSta...
This class represents the concept of a declaration statement.
virtual SgName get_name() const =0
Access function for getting name from declarations or types internally.
This class represents the concept of a switch.
ROSE_DLL_API SgExpression * copyExpression(SgExpression *e)
Deep copy an expression.
ROSE_DLL_API bool isUpcPhaseLessSharedType(SgType *t)
Is UPC phase-less shared type? Phase-less means block size of the first SgModifierType with UPC infor...
ROSE_DLL_API SgType * getArrayElementType(SgType *t)
Get the element type of an array. It recursively find the base type for multi-dimension array types...
void listHeaderFiles(SgIncludeFile *includeFile)
return path prefix for subtree of include files.
ROSE_DLL_API void insertStatementListBeforeFirstNonDeclaration(const std::vector< SgStatement * > &newStmts, SgScopeStatement *scope)
Insert statements before the first non-declaration statement in a scope. If the scope has no non-decl...
ROSE_DLL_API void moveToSubdirectory(std::string directoryName, SgFile *file)
Move file to be generated in a subdirectory (will be generated by the unparser).
ROSE_DLL_API bool collectReadWriteRefs(SgStatement *stmt, std::vector< SgNode * > &readRefs, std::vector< SgNode * > &writeRefs, bool useCachedDefUse=false)
Collect all read and write references within stmt, which can be a function, a scope statement...
ROSE_DLL_API void replaceMacroCallsWithExpandedStrings(SgPragmaDeclaration *target)
Check if a pragma declaration node has macro calls attached, if yes, replace macro calls within the p...
ROSE_DLL_API bool is_mixed_C_and_Cxx_language()
ROSE_DLL_API bool isArrayReference(SgExpression *ref, SgExpression **arrayNameExp=NULL, std::vector< SgExpression * > **subscripts=NULL)
Check if an expression is an array access (SgPntrArrRefExp). If so, return its name expression and su...